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All words and photos by Carrie Walters.

Gosh was MNDR fun. Her show was part of ENCORE! Sessions (made possible by Absolut) which focus on 3 songs from the live performance and interviews in between. These are shot on location at Le Baron; there was no better way to liven up a dreary Monday than dancing with her there, with its disco ball, erotic red wallpaper and octopus lights.

There are a ton of synth pop girls in the world right now, all likeable, danceable and cute. If you want to compare, MNDR has some Santigold swag with dance moves like Robyn and a bit of punkiness a la The Ting Tings. Despite the oversaturated market, MNDR’s debut release Feed Me Diamonds sticks. Homegirl knows how to make her songs have a catchy lasting power (just listen to her on Mark Ronson’s track “Bang Bang Bang” from 2010).  The album translated well live thanks to the depth of her backing “boy band” clad in matching MNDR shirts. And she had a horn section. A HORN SECTION.

MNDR got low, strutted, twirled and framed her face with jazz hands. She pumped the air with her fist and pogoed. She grabbed a fan from the crowd and both them mimicked each others dance moves and shared the mic. She danced in the crowd and danced upstairs. Her songs and stage presence demanded attention and by the second half of the show she had the crowd moving and clapping on command. Highlights of the night included the emotional “I Go Away” and the anthemic single “#1 In Heaven.”

If you want to check it out for yourself, MNDR’s session will be posted soon at the ENCORE! YouTube channel, so keep an eye out for that. All in all, she was humble and gracious, thanking NYC, her Twitter followers and making it clear that creating Feed Me Diamonds was a dream come true.

PS, she lives in Bed-Stuy, so MNDR, let’s get drunk and go dancing sometime, yeah?