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All words by Megan Burns and Ryma Chikhoune, all photos by Alyssa Lesser.

The Fader and vitaminwater uncapped invited us to an INCREDIBLE show Monday night; the lineup included heavy-hitters Frank Ocean and Bon Iver, and I REALLY wanted to go. It became apparent at the very last minute that I wouldn’t be able to attend, though, because I had a bus to Baltimore to catch. This made me really mad. Like Trey Atwood bludgeoning Ryan Atwood with a phone receiver mad. Fortunately I was running late to the bus, so I got out most of my aggression by yelling at and shoving tourists on 34th Street. But then, once I was actually on the bus, I was just really sad; I imagined all of the amazing things that might happen at this show for the duration of the 3.5 hour-long ride, which can drive a person to the brink of madness. I’m still (mostly) sane, but some of the dream scenarios I envisioned included one where Kate Middleton showed up and gave everyone high-fives and Cadbury chocolates (I was really hungry because I didn’t have time to pack a snack), and another one where Bill Murray showed up for an extended celebration of his birthday and realized we should be best friends, only I wasn’t there to accept said best friendship. So by the time I actually got around to interviewing Ryma, who WAS there, I had imagined every possible best/worst-case scenario already, and I felt really at peace with the whole thing. And after reading her answers, I’m still mad I didn’t get to go, but not as mad as I thought I’d be. Observe:


Okay, so let’s start this off with a simple yes or no question. Should I be as sad about missing this as I was/am?

It’s hard to say – so there was a main floor and then two levels (which were press/VIP only) but then it was impossible to see anything because it was in a synagogue, which didn’t lend itself to this kind of event. So, a lot of press people couldn’t see anything and it was the worst for photographers; Frank didn’t allow photographers during his set so there was no photo pit, which meant photographers had to take pics from the balcony/wherever they could. For Bon Iver, it was fine, ’cause there was a pit…


And so it was Bon Iver / Frank Ocean…am I missing any additional musical acts or was that final and mind-blowing lineup?

Yeah that was it.

So they didn’t play music together? That’s kind of disappointing. Was it the best live music you have ever heard in your whole life, though?

Yeah, separate sets – and no, it was disappointing – but only because of the location which, again, wasn’t great for this kind of thing. I mean, both Frank and Bon Iver sounded amazing though – it just didn’t feel as intimate as it could/should have.

Who was the most annoying person in the crowd?

Everyone haha – a lot of young kids, not really getting into the music. Just standing there.

Sometimes it looks like I’m just standing there, but really I’m just subtly moving my knees. You probably would’ve interpreted this as annoying. Was there free alcohol there, though? How many drinks did you have? BE HONEST.

I had three glasses of red wine (’cause it’s me) but yeah there was open bar on the two levels that were press/VIP only – basically they had chairs outlining the balcony areas of the levels but they were VIP only – like Alexa Chung had a chair. And then press could only stand on the sides – think of it like a U.

They didn’t even let you sit? RUDE. Speaking of Alexa Chung, though, I got an email from the Fader the day after saying that one of the notable guests (besides her) was Jennifer Williams. First of all, are you offended that you weren’t included on the notable guests list? And second of all, did you become fast friends with Jennifer Williams?

Who is Jennifer Williams?

I don’t know, I thought you might know. Anyways, what was the inside of Angel Orensanz like? Do you wish you lived there? Are you glad you don’t live there?

I wished I lived there – the space was beautiful but I wish they had made it more intimate/organized it better so that press didn’t have a limited area to stand and take pics/ etc.

Speaking of pics, Alyssa did a pretty incredible job snapping photos IF I DO SAY SO MYSELF:

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