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All photos by Alyssa Lesser.

Alyssa and I had the opportunity to interview Django Django in person last week before their show at the Knitting Factory, and we were asked if we’d like to stick around for the show. Our response: OBVIOUSLY. And since you couldn’t be there with us, I figured it might be nice to share our post-performance conversation with you; this will either make you feel happy and included, or will make you really glad you (probably) never have to hang out with me and Alyssa! So here’s that, and in the meantime, stay tuned for our interview with Vincent and Tommy a little closer to Halloween. (Hint: it’s so good it’s SCARY!)

Okay so first off, how did you feel about the venue since this was the first time seeing a show there for both of us? I really liked it. I actually don’t think tickets sold out until right before the show, but remember when it went from like, zero to CROWDED in five seconds? Some places really bother me when they’re sold out and jam-packed like that, but I didn’t mind it this time, probably because I was full of Rolling Rock by that time.

I liked the venue a lot, particularly because they played middle school favorites like Bikini Kill and Rancid before the show and had a poster of Lydia Lunch.  And it felt dirty, the way a rock club should feel.  But it was hard to see/move/dance/shoot when all those people piled in.

Okay, and I don’t know if we ever established this or not, but were you a Django Django fan before the show? How about after?

I hadn’t heard the band before we saw them but I’d heard OF them on some dumb blogs.  So it was good to see what the fuss was about.  I’d shake my booty to those tunes again, yeah.

Before we get into the second half of the evening, we can both probably agree that the opener was pretty great, yeah?

The opening band Eraas RULED and I’m so amped that they are New Yorkers so I can see them again soon.  Like a cross between Radiohead and A Place to Bury Strangers, the perfect witchy vibes for this weather.

So I was a big fan of the matching shirts worn by Django Django, how about you? And I don’t know if we’re allowed to talk about that pants-trying-on part we semi-witnessed at the beginning, but since I’m already kind of talking about it, let’s just go there. Did you agree with the final pants selection? Do you think everyone reading this is getting really mad at us right now for talking about clothes instead of music?

I liked their shirts and I don’t even remember what pants they ended up with, so you can guess which one of us spent more time looking at crotches.  Rightfully so.  But I appreciate even more when bands/people just wear their own shit and don’t think twice.  Like, I think it should be either very meticulously calculated and planned stage wear (a la d.bowie) or not calculated at all (a la, everyone else who rolls out of bed).  What do you think?

I actually don’t remember what pants they picked either since I was too busy guarding your drink when you went to the bathroom. But since everyone probably DID just get mad that we talked about clothes instead of music, I GUESS we can start discussing the “important” parts, aka sound and all that! Was it just me or were there some sound issues at one point?

Yeah the band was having issues at the beginning and adjusting but it actually didn’t sound so bad to me.  Maybe a little muffled at first?

Could be. And did you have a favorite part of the performance? Like a specific song or anything? I mean, mine is totally going to make me sound like a n00b, but I really enjoyed ‘Default,’ kind of totally by default.

Maybe this is bad to say because we’re writing about Django Django here, and they were super good, but my favorite part was the openers…just because you always expect the worst from openers…and they turned out to actually be pretty GRRRRREAT!  By Tony the Tiger standards.

HONESTY. I like that. Also, I feel like you were moving about the space a little more freely since you were photographing, so was there anyone in the crowd that you were like, “FACEBOOK LIKE!” or “WTF?” or “LOL!” You know, besides that guy who was wearing the very clearly unnecessary sunglasses, and besides me who put on my own very clearly unnecessary sunglasses to fit in?

Some people were really mean to me when I was shooting!  So I’d probably send them an AIM warning or tell them they are bullies.  I get it.  It’s really crowded and you want to see this band.  But I need to take some pictures for this job and it’s not going to kill you to kindly let me in front of you for more than the half song that you did before you started scowling.  It’s not nice!!

Yeah, my new motto is that people (in general) just need to CALM DOWN. Maybe it should be like, “Alyssa, too, shall pass,” though. Or maybe that should be YOUR motto while taking photos at shows. Anyway, that’s basically all the questions I’ve got for you. Oh, oh, one more: who is your favorite Django Django member now? Obviously Vincent and Tommy have an unfair advantage since we interviewed them and they gave us beer, but maybe somehow your mind was changed during the show? Mine wasn’t; Vincent is still my favorite.

Vincent and Tommy are tied pretty much as rad dudes but I especially liked Tommy’s glasses.

Yeah, those were good. Do you have any questions for me before we move onto showcasing your photos?

Okay, if you could rename one historical figure Django, who would it be and why?  Mine would be DJ Tanner- I’d make her real full name Django Tanner, so she could be even more of a badass gangster and hang more seamlessly with ALL the band guys.

Like just the first name would become Django? Hmm…the first person that comes to mind is Elton John, just because I think that’d have a nice ring to it. Django John. Anyway, enough of this tomfoolery, let’s take a look at the action: