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All words + photos: Eman Al-Saied

Electro poppers Two door Cinema Club took the stage by storm on their first sold out show of their headlining tour on Tuesdayat the 930 Club. Thes Northern Ireland natives had the crowd nonstop moving with their fhaving just released their latest album, Beacon, made it known they’re not going anywhere. Starting off with their most known songs “Something Good Can Work” & “Undercover Martyn” Two Door hyped the crowd with their catchy, eclectic mess of noise and nonstop tempo. Everyone was jumping and screaming to every single word, the crowd was going wild, at their ability to sound like exactly like their record.

Two Door Cinema Club

Two Door made everyone forget about the rest of the world. It was an experience, with their synchronized lights and hypnotizing bass lines that got everyone pumping. Kids who came with their parents were flipping out, parents who came to supervise their children were letting loose. The pit was a scene. People who didn’t even know each other but knew they were fans were bonding, then yelling. Everyone felt like family. The show was a united front, and no one was left behind. There was not a moment of silence, not a moment of regret or question. The vibes were unreal. Since 2010, these performers have not come out with their second debut, only performing tracks from “Tourist History” which really made fans anticipated to hear their latest album live. Two Door intoxicated the room with their sound, stage presence, and their ability to just be able to connect with the crowd.

Two Door Cinema Club

Beacon was a lot different than Tourist History, but it gave the crowd promise. The band had definitely matured with this record. The lyrics were more focused and hit home to a lot of people. Although Beacon isn’t as fast paced as their first, it was sophisticated enough and maintained the ability to get our hearts racing to the beats we all know and love. First single “Sleep Alone,” tugs at the heart strings as Alex Trimble sings “Hold me close / I’ve never been this far from home.” And “Next Year” is just down right nostalgic: “Maybe someday / You’ll be somewhere / Talking to me / As if you knew me / Saying I’ll be home for next year, darling.” The record doesn’t have as many standout songs as Tourist History but that does not deny the potential to hit the charts, with their large European and American fan base. Two Door’s ability to make every song sound like magic was beyond me. This band is definitely headed in the right direction. For a second album, they did not disappoint. Not one bit.


It was clear that the audience had no idea who opener Friends were, but they that didn’t stop them from singing their hearts out. Imagine Madonna and Santigold had a baby…but the baby was born in the 90’s. All five band members had “eccentric” eye make up, and gold jewelry. I can’t say Friends did Two Door any justice, because they didn’t. They only performed five songs off their recent EP, and to be honest, I couldn’t understand half the words she was saying. I looked around to see an unmoved crowd of confusion. There was little to no dancing, because it just made no sense. The first three songs the lead singer performed consisted of a bunch of ooo’s and aaah‘s w/slight screaming. Luckily the instrumentals were good enough that it matched. It was strangely entertaining, as their sound could be be described as disco psychedelic pop. I can say about the lead vocalist, Samantha Urbani,she  had some original pipes. Her vocals, sadly, were overlooked by the bands lack of lyrics, and long instrumentals. It was more disco/funk more than anything. I can say the instrumentals were entertaining with psychedelic sounds, retro synth, and maraca’s on hand at all times. This band was the definition of hipster that everyone loves to hate, and probably one of those bands that’s more entertaining on your itunes.

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