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All words + photos: Kevin Hulse

Thrice was thrown to me in 2003 in my passive-aggressive punk period of wearing black band shirts and converses and dickie shorts with sewn on patches. A friend introduced me to Illusion of Safety, and it was a brand new sound to me. Not only did Dustin Kensrue’s unique voice and lyrical depth catch my attention, but Teppei Teranishi’s guitar riff’s were mind blowing. I was hooked.


It’s not so common that I would have able to attend a show for one of my favorite bands doing a farewell tour and actually get to see it. Some bands just break up without a tour. Some do a tour, but I miss it (i.e. Thursday). When I heard Thrice was coming and I could actually make it, I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

Thrice brought along O’Brother and Animals as Leaders. I had missed most of O’Brothers set unfortunatly. But D.C. native band, Animals as Leaders, an instrumental progressive metal band that consists of only 3 members, rocked the house.


The anticipation was overwhelming while waiting for Thrice. This was it. And when that moment finally did come, they did not disappoint.

Thrice did come with full hurricane force. They had opened with “Yellow Belly” off of Major/Minor. The fervor had me clapping happily and as they went into “Image of the Invisible”, my hands turned into angry balled fists. Individuals crowd surfing had flown above me while i sang every lyric of (almost) every song they played. “Kill Me Quickly” and “Under a Killing Moon”. By then, I had stopped taking photos and danced to “In Exhile”. The 24 song, 2 encore set was basically the sophisticated familiarity that EVERY show should be like.

Thrice brought out the younger me again. It’s truly a bummer to see this band go. Dustin. Teppei. Eddie. Riley. Just 4 guys from Irvine, California. Thanks for the music and memories.

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