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All words: Kendelyn Ouellette — All photos: Emily Cohen

Undaunted by the rain, not even Hurricane Sandy could stop fans from showing up to the Howard Theater to see The Postelles, The Maine, and Mayday Parade on Sunday evening. What started out as a small, rather subdued crowd during the Postelle’s set turned into a slightly larger, more energetic crowd during the later two sets with the zenith of the night hitting when Mayday Parade took the stage.

The Postelles warmed up the crowed with their body moving rock guitar rifts and pop crossover vocals. Although it was readily apparent that people were there to see Mayday Parade, lead singer, Daniel Balk, of The Postelles did his best to keep a rather unresponsive crowed engaged. His commendable effort was met with resounding cheers when they closed their set with an Indie cover of Elvis’ “Hound Dog.”

The Postelles The Postelles

The energy of the theater continued to grow as The Maine took the stage. This Indie Rock band from Arizona hit the mark song and song again with the crowd pleasing tunes. Lead singer, John O’Callaghan, had to be one of the most cordial lead singers in a band that I have ever come across. Periodically throughout the set , in between songs, he would ask how individual people how they were specifically doing and if they had any requests. It was all rather endearing.

Those who weren’t forced to leave for weather related reasons where treated to a high energy, bass pounding, guitar riffing set by Mayday Parade. Lead singer, Derek Sanders, began the set with a quiet piece on the piano; midway through the song the rest of the band joined him and then the music got loud. The ever so dedicated crowd was treated to a performance of their life time as the band played hit song after hit song. Of course the performance wasn’t over until the band was called back on stage to preform an encore and it was only then, after hours of great music, that the audience was satisfied and willing to brave the rain and cold to return home.

The Postelles The Postelles The Postelles The Postelles The Postelles The Postelles The Postelles The PostellesThe PostellesThe Postelles The Postelles