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All words and photos: Lauren Bulbin

This was my second time seeing Pomegranates live, and they were just as good as the first time, if not better. I initially saw them in April 2012, also at DC9, and they were excellent then but they have now enhanced the way they perform live. They always had great music, but now they have completely developed their stage presence. Showing off their new bleached blonde locks and all white attire, they are quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with. On June 5th, Pomegranates released a new album entitled Heaven and for an alt-pop rock lover like me, that’s exactly what it is: Heaven! The whole album has a Passion Pit feel to it and carries the same upbeat, fun attitude of Pomegranates’ past albums. It is the kind of album that makes you say, “This band is really starting to refine their sound.” My favorite track on the new album is called Pass Away, which the band performed during their set. They played a great, fun set to the eclectic crowd at DC9. The set list included “High Class,” “Sisters,” “Ezekiel,” “Lost Lives,” “Everybody,” “Come Outside,” “Heaven” and “Pass Away.”

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The opening bands also had some great moments. The opener was called The Interest Group. They were good, and the crowd seemed to enjoy their performance, but I was more taken with the second band that performed, Kitten. They sound like Blondie and No Doubt mixed with psychedelic rock and roll. Kitten has that classic, punk-influenced pop rock vibe that prompts an instant response. Admittedly, my go-to guilty pleasure is the music of the ’80s, so if that’s what you’re into, or if you like mainstream alternative pop music in general, you’ll probably fall in love with Kitten. Listening to their song, “Japanese Eyes,” I found myself hooked. The lead singer is fantastic and her band mates just as wonderful. They played a great set and really know how to get the crowd dancing.

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All in all, it was a fun, relaxed show and a great night. Definitely check these bands out the next time they hit the DC area.

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  • The Interest Group:

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  • Kitten:

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