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all photos: Kevin Carroll
all words: Matthew Shaver

The Get Up Kids may have you believe that if they had known where their music was going to lead, they may have done things differently. That’s why I got the feeling I would never see them live when they “left” the scene in 2005.

The Get Up Kids

“Get Up Kids?!?! That’s high school shit!” was the response I got from most people when I expressed my excitement at a new tour. Damn right! Close your eyes, go make out underneath the bleachers, grab a can of beer while your parents are out, and party like its 1999. The Kids are back in town.

The Get Up Kids

Yes- The Get Up Kids have a new album.
Yes – They rocked Black Cat for the first time in support of it.
Yes – They knew that those were not the songs people came to hear.

The Get Up Kids The Get Up Kids

Though they did hit some of the important tracks off of their new album “There Are Rules” TGUK’s stayed true to their fans hearts and dreams. Songs from all 4 of their original compact discs (cause that’s how we bought ’em and that’s how I own ’em) got the juices flowing and brought back enough memories of heartache that a good amount of the crowd spent the evening double fisting Pabst tall cans.

The Get Up Kids

Taking any effort to dissect the music and the techniques is moot. This night was not about the future and the growth of a talented band (they have and they are). We were there to relive the past, and the songs that helped define them. This could easily have been 2002 and I’d be cursing myself because of 7am class. Instead the audience looked as if it would just be haggard at work instead. Sing-alongs, fist pumping, and even a little crowd surfing capped off a not too wild evening of youthful angst and pop punk driven anthems.

The Get Up Kids

The night ran long, but it all felt too short. With time running out the Kids announced “Instead of walking off stage…. This is the encore part of the show.” In the end, one woozy looking man wandered out of the masses with an exaggerated “I’m too old for this shit!” The Get Up Kids, most certainly, are not.

The Get Up Kids

This is the track list to the best of my memory/ability:
1) Tithe
2) Action & Action
3) ??? (SHOTS!!!!)
4) Regents Court
5) Red Letter Day
6) Woodson
7) Overdue?
8) Keith Case
9) I’m a Loner Dottie, A Rebel
10) Shatter Your Lung
11) Shorty
12) Automatic
13) Close To Home
14) ??? (MORE SHOTS!!!)
15) ??? (Bathroom break)
16) Holy Roman
17) Campfire Kansas
18) Don’t Hate Me
19) Last Place You Look


The Get Up Kids The Get Up Kids The Get Up Kids The Get Up Kids The Get Up Kids The Get Up Kids The Get Up Kids The Get Up Kids The Get Up Kids The Get Up Kids