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all (stunning) photos: Mark Silva

This past Monday, everyone you know and everyone they’re making out with/want to make out with/used to make out with came together at Solly’s to see four young bucks play assorted string instruments while wearing interesting clothes.
John Thornley has been doing his little acoustic “experimental” collaboration night for a year now, and the upstairs space of the bar on 12th and U has seen everyone from Martin Royle to John Foster to Ben Green to NRCOF parade through the stage, unplugged.
This time around, it being the anniversary show and all, they had something a little (even more) special in store: the first ever show of The Four HorseMa(e)n, John and Paul’s “easily carried around string instrument” collaboration with Ryan Mitchell and Matt Hemerlein (they have 1 song recorded, and you can hear it here):

That aside, mostly cover songs were played from an earnest “Walking After Midnight” to Hemerlein’s endearing Bert & Ernie “Sesame Street” interpretation.
It was sweet, warm, a little under-rehearsed (adding that extra sprinkling of charm since these four people always put on highly pro shows with their other outlets), and felt like a house show (“this is basically a second floor basement”, someone duly noted), in a good way.
A good way to cozy up your Monday night.

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