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All words: Mare Lewicki
All photos: Shannon Yazurlo

Going into DC9 on Wednesday, I really had no idea how to brace myself for what I would be seeing.  Who is the crowd?  How will they react to the music? And how on earth is T.  Mills going to behave on stage?

First up to the plate was K. Flay who rocked it completely.  At times during her performance, it was hard to hear her rhymes due to the overpowering beats from the drums but she still nailed it.  The crowd as sort of a disappointment as you really didn’t see anyone move.  The crowd was definitely there to see T.Mills, which then affected the overall vibe coming from K.Flay’s set.

Now, Travis Miller, aka T.Mills, is kind of what you expect – he looks like one of the boys who would play at warped tour and would be featured on isanyoneup.com.  I feel like if he were to get in a fight, he would be the one to back out.  Looks aside, he did make the crowd dance which is always a benefit.

The energy bouncing between the crowd and T. Mills was also a plus.  He’s obviously a performer.  His music is obviously party music.  Is that a bad thing?  No way.  Even through the inane lyrics and high school girl’s squeals, he still seems to get anyone and everyone to dance.  Yes, he’s not the greatest rapper that ever lived but he does what he does, and he does it well. He likes talking about how he “fucked some girl in a pink range rover” and how much he likes to smoke weed. I don’t see any real problems with that.

As much as I wanted to hate on T.Mills, he has some charm about him which gets the bros in the back to groove and the 12 year old girls up front (and their fathers) to dance.  Although his rhymes are kind of flat and the jams were subpar, he did what he came to DC9 to do – he got everyone to dance and let loose.