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All words: Joshua Hood
All photos: Priscilla Lima

Sometime pass his time
Or right on time
Where words fall
The deaf’nd ear
Are words spoken
But taken without care
Oh rebel
Rebel on
Speak your words
To shake the heart
I feel that I’ve been lucky to catch Saul Williams every time he’s come through a city I’ve lived in. And not once did I attend without feeling inspired, wanting to do more, pushing myself harder to change and understand.  Saul Williams has a passion for the people who come out to hear what he does and he does it well.
 Arriving at The Black Cat, I realized this would be the first time that I’d see him doing poetry instead of performing music.  What I found myself seeing was a man who wanted more than to stand in front of a group of people and recite words they could easily read for themselves. Opening the floor to us, Williams challenged us in a way we’d want more from him and ourselves; from where I stood in the room, it seemed that this event was less about Saul Williams wanting to read to you, but wanting to share, making us aware of what was happening around us, asking the questions that we may think but sometimes turn our heads from.
An age of addiction
Visual,sexual,always so haunting
An age of addiction
When will the revolution being
Why have the voices with true words speak only in dark, dim rooms for them to bounce, yet those only wishing gain such glory. When will the change come…