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All killer photos: Jeff Martin

Last time RJD2 was in town, Abby, who was in charge of the review (she was funny, we miss you Abby!) was not very impressed. Comparisons to everyone from Wyclef to Kid Rock to Kenny Loggins to wedding singers were busted out, and not in a loving fashion.
To quote:
But instead, I should’ve just posted this text transcript from the night:
Me: fuck this ish
Fitsum: come on
Me: this is some dave matthews bullshit
Fitsum: yr hrt z cold yo
Me: can’t take anymore. give my regards to weezer.
(i leave before the encore)
Fitsum: dude that was 1 of the best shows ever. u r seriously buggin sam.
Me: here’s my review=bammas. like. shiiit.
Fitsum: evz.

This time around, still not quite ready to give up on RJD2, we sent Jeff to take photos with no writer, and he came back to us with these note:

It was a pretty mediocre show, he seemed pretty shaky the whole time, running around willy nilly, hoping his equipment would work. The crowd stuck with him the whole time, and rocked out as hard as possible for ghostwriter at the end.

In spite of that, RJD2 shows still produce some of the best live crowd photos EVER. ENJOY:

RJD2-01-11-09-JeffMartin-52RJD2-01-11-09-JeffMartin-53RJD2-01-11-09-JeffMartin-53 RJD2-01-11-09-JeffMartin-40RJD2-01-11-09-JeffMartin-34 RJD2-01-11-09-JeffMartin-37 RJD2-01-11-09-JeffMartin-42RJD2-01-11-09-JeffMartin-39 RJD2-01-11-09-JeffMartin-35 RJD2-01-11-09-JeffMartin-36RJD2-01-11-09-JeffMartin-32 RJD2-01-11-09-JeffMartin-31 RJD2-01-11-09-JeffMartin-28RJD2-01-11-09-JeffMartin-60 RJD2-01-11-09-JeffMartin-59 RJD2-01-11-09-JeffMartin-61RJD2-01-11-09-JeffMartin-62RJD2-01-11-09-JeffMartin-57 RJD2-01-11-09-JeffMartin-30 RJD2-01-11-09-JeffMartin-56 RJD2-01-11-09-JeffMartin-55RJD2-01-11-09-JeffMartin-58RJD2-01-11-09-JeffMartin-49 RJD2-01-11-09-JeffMartin-48 RJD2-01-11-09-JeffMartin-50RJD2-01-11-09-JeffMartin-45 RJD2-01-11-09-JeffMartin-46 RJD2-01-11-09-JeffMartin-45 RJD2-01-11-09-JeffMartin-44RJD2-01-11-09-JeffMartin-43RJD2-01-11-09-JeffMartin-25 RJD2-01-11-09-JeffMartin-24 RJD2-01-11-09-JeffMartin-26RJD2-01-11-09-JeffMartin-21RJD2-01-11-09-JeffMartin-18 RJD2-01-11-09-JeffMartin-17 RJD2-01-11-09-JeffMartin-20RJD2-01-11-09-JeffMartin-19RJD2-01-11-09-JeffMartin-14 RJD2-01-11-09-JeffMartin-13 RJD2-01-11-09-JeffMartin-7RJD2-01-11-09-JeffMartin-9 RJD2-01-11-09-JeffMartin-8 RJD2-01-11-09-JeffMartin-12RJD2-01-11-09-JeffMartin-5 RJD2-01-11-09-JeffMartin-4 RJD2-01-11-09-JeffMartin-2 RJD2-01-11-09-JeffMartin-1 RJD2-01-11-09-JeffMartin-64RJD2-01-11-09-JeffMartin-65 RJD2-01-11-09-JeffMartin-65 RJD2-01-11-09-JeffMartin-65 RJD2-01-11-09-JeffMartin-63