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all words: Josh Stewart
all photos: Katherine Gaines (who, lets face it, is currently ruling this website-ed)

The very punctual Painted Palms opened up the show last Thursday.  The band was initially lacking enthusiasm but made up for it in Chris Burns style dashikis and ended strong with “All Of Us” off their new EP “Canopy”.  (Out on June 21)

paintedpalms1 paintedpalms4

This is the third time I have seen Of Montreal and it made me realize the huge musical continuum on which their music exists.  Psych rock to electro pop to sexually ambiguous dance music.


The crowd at 930 was NOT what I was expecting.  I have to take this time to call out a girl in red shoes who was doing the “white person wedding dance”, all throughout both bands.  And, her friends were joining whilst eating what appeared to be nachos.  Stop it.


Anyways… back to the music.


(Kevin Barnes Outfit #1)

The band kicked off with “For Our Elegant Caste” amidst an explosion of what can only be described as an America psych vomit played on giant screens about our heads.  If you know their music, you know the band often relies heavily on samples and electronic drums.  None of which were present during their set.

They repurposed all of their songs with this in mind.  Live drums… lots of guitars… and lots of live synth back up.  Well done.


(Kevin Barnes Outfit #2)

Not only were we given the gift of psychadelic electro rock but, Spider man and Venom fought to the death, and Spider Man “made it rain”.

We also were presented with a taste of Yip Deciever which consists of Of Montreal’s Davey Price and Nicholas Dobbratz.  They played the very Phil Collins jam “Get Strict”.  If you have read this far into this post, then it is safe to say you will like their jams.  Buy the record here.

ofmontreal3-2 ofmontreal3-3

During the band’s epic closing tracks “Heimdalsgate like a Promethean Curse” and “She’s a Rejecter”, I learned that Captain America is always victorious, God made rainbows gay, but not the gays, and confetti is underused in indoor venues.


paintedpalms2 paintedpalms6 paintedpalms9 paintedpalms11 ofmontreal3-7 ofmontreal3-11 ofmontreal3-13 ofmontreal3-14 ofmontreal3-18 ofmontreal3-19 ofmontreal3-20 ofmontreal3-12 ofmontreal3-30 ofmontreal3-33 ofmontreal3-32 ofmontreal3-35 ofmontreal3-34