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All words/photos: Kevin Hulse

This year has been quite a trip already; I’ve covered quite a few raves, or dance/EDM music festivals, or whatever it’s called at the moment. Most notable would be the Ultra Music Festival in Miami. An eye-opening experience indeed for a photographer, and a growing appreciation for music carried out each night.

One specific group that stood out in my mind was Nobody Beats The Drum. From Utrecht, Netherlands, this Dutch three piece (Sjam Sjamsoedin/Jori Collignon/Rogier van Der Zwaag) combine Electro, Hip-hop and Breakbeat.

They invaded U Street Music Hall for an early show and those who attended were really the smartest people in D.C. that night. The three-piece set was accompanied by stunning background visuals and everyone felt the beat, including someone’s grandma! As they progressed into the night, the build-up of each song was more chaotic. “Blood on my Hands” literally had the whole floor dancing (even me).

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