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All photos Chris Svetlik.

The reincarnated Red Palace recently opened up. I decided to swing by on Saturday with my camera. If you haven’t been, the new space is pretty nice– the widened walls give it some much-needed breathing room, and it maintains the old-timey charm typical of a Joe Englert property. (btw-BYT is having a happy hour/ALL CITY giveaway extravaganza there next Monday, so stop by)

(Very) brief notes on the musical acts of the night:

MODERN MAN— A relatively new five-piece on the DC scene. Sometimes spooky guitar, sometimes pretty guitar, always rockin pretty hard.

MOLEHILL— Group out of Chicago. Indie rock with some metal-y guitar. Energetic.

Now some pictures for your viewing pleasure

IMG_0350 IMG_0328 IMG_0264 IMG_0217 IMG_0176 IMG_0158 IMG_0091 IMG_0067 IMG_9983 IMG_9975 IMG_9959 IMG_9946 IMG_9897 IMG_9893 IMG_9840 IMG_9823 IMG_9807 IMG_9805