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words by Jacquelyn Pyun
photos by Priscilla de Lima-Ledesma

Miike Snow is doing pretty damn well for themselves it seems. Rising suddenly to stardom from some mythical world of rabbits, antlers, and white lights, the band sold out 9:30 in no time. And after seeing them last night I don’t think these dreamweavers are leaving their fans disappointed.


The Swedish producing team of Christian Karlsson and Pontus Winnberg (better known as Bloodshy & Avant) and American Andrew Wyatt make up Miike Snow. They oh-so-casually opened their set wearing white masks (think Phantom of the Opera, and yes, I like this fairytale already) and immediately captivated. Wyatt’s voice sounded great, and the bass was pulsating and trippy. Black & Blue, Silvia, and Burial were definitely favorites of the crowd. The one and only complaint I have is that Wyatt’s mic volume left me aching for a bit more volume here and there, most noticeably on Animal (gasp, of course my frisky favorite).


The crowd was a bit (a lot) underage—at least up front—with plenty of Miike superfans to sing every single word; loudly. As much as I wanted this to drive me crazy it managed to be awesomely adorable, especially the beautifully hippie dad and his two beautiful hippie daughters dancing in the front row.


Quick notes about opener Delorean: Lively, popp-y, dance-inducing, with some orca whale singing layered in. Can’t help but shake along with flashing rainbow-bright lights and a bouncing keyboardist. And I swoon for a lead singer/bass player.


Check out Priscilla’s DROP DEAD GORGEOUS photos—she’s so damn good—and let them spiral you straight into Miike Snow’s weird, weird world.