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All words: Josh Stewart

The show started early Wednesday evening at the historic Howard Theater in Shaw. Around 8:00 o’clock the opener, Bobby V, came out and performed a very long set.

Overall, I was not that impressed, but what I can tell you is that within three songs, Bobby V had his shirt off. By the fourth song , BV was rubbing a rose (taken from a bouquet delivered to him in the middle of his set), sensually, all over his face and chest.

I think we can all agree that is a pretty strong move.

After Bobby V, the crowd endured a roller coaster of WKYS wackiness, where they played snippets of top 40 rap songs, and heavily plugged the Russ Parr in the Morning Show.

Then, finally, Miguel came out onto the stage.

Slick. Powerful. Bright lights.

Miguel, strutting out wearing sunglasses and rocking a black blazer, white t-shirt, and grey pants, did not miss a beat, immediately going into a series of harmonies with his band. And much like the designer-clad singer, the crowd was incredibly good looking which served only to remind me, that I really need to hit the gym more.

It was not a long wait before Miguel tore into the sultry chart topper “Sure Thing”. This was easily one of the sexiest jams I have ever seen live. He cut the jam into half-time for the last chorus, which only added to the tension of the anxious and excited crowd.

Next was “Lotus Flower Bomb”, which was a smart and well played nod to D.C.’s Wale. This was serious enough for Miguel to take off the shades.

Miguel’s diverse biography was on display, which includes his personal story, as his father was Mexican and his mother was black, which he proudly bragged about throughout the show. This also included the presentation of a wide palate of musical tastes. A lot of Miguel’s songs rely heavily on distorted, electric guitar, which in modern R&B is rare. In interviews Miguel regularly references esteemed classic rock icons such as Bowie, Freddie Mercury and even hair metal sensationalists, Def Leppard. So, it came as no surprise that in between songs, he indulged in a brief interlude of The Zombies’ summer of love classic, “Time of the Season”.

Other favorites from the night were “Girls Like You”, “Quickie” and “To The Moon”. The songs were enhanced by both the incredible light show and Miguel’s deeply personal and passionate stage presence. This must be where his classic rock influences merge with a nod to Prince, who always seemed to straddle the line between sensation and intimacy.

Miguel closed out with his latest single “Adorn”. Smooth as hell, with its watery, chorus drenched keyboards, and fuzzy syncopated synth. Every single woman in the theater was singing loudly along, almost drowning out performance.

Keep your eye on Miguel, if he keeps at it at this pace, he will be HUGE. He has style, a knack for innovative marketing, and killer pipes. Grab his new record, Kaleidoscope Dream, out on October 2, 2012.