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all photos: Julia Benton
all brief words: Shannon Yazurlo

Matt and Kim returned to Washington DC on Friday night along with Atlanta based rapper, Donnis for a sold out performance at the 9:30 club. Even though I’m pretty sure we’d all agree that hip hop is the last genre of music you would except for opening acts for Matt and Kim to bring on the road with them, Donnis’ performance was enjoyed by most of the crowd, the majority of which was there for the main act and main act alone. Undeterred, he performed a lot of songs from his EP “Fashionably Late” , that was just released on Atlantic Records. In the middle of his set Donnis had his tour DJ ‘Young Obama’ get away from the turntables because he decided to take the spinning into his own hands, playing top 40 hits by artists such as Drake and Far East Movement which got the crowd beyond hyped.

The 9:30 club was flowing with positiveness by the time Matt and Kim got on stage, doing the Matt & Kim show: smiles, energy and more energy were definitely not in short supply. They played a variety of songs from their album “Grand” and some from the album “Sidewalks” that is to be released this November, the entire crowd was in dance mode, and not a frown was to found inside the 9:30 club Friday evening.  Whether or not you buy into the incessant sunniness of their live performance, you have to give it up for them: Matt and Kim (and the balloons floating around the venue with their faces on) put every show on like it is both their first and last.

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