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Photos by: Franz Mahr

Lez Zeppelin blew our collective faces off at The Hamilton last night. If you’re like most of us you probably missed the 70’s and are relegated to reliving them via your parents, classic rock stations (remember radio?), the Internet and of course dusty record stores (more dust = better record finds). Tribute bands can be tricky but when done right are almost better than the original and what better way to one-up Led Zeppelin than with an all female tribute band. Their performance is so electric you almost forget these songs don’t belong to them but they do make them their own. And good Lord who but an ass-kicking no balls to the wall woman can hit those Robert Plant notes. If you see something, say something. We saw Lez Zeppelin and now we’re saying GO FORTH CHILDREN and drink from the cool waters of Lez Zeppelin.

Catch a Lez Zeppelin rare acoustic set TONIGHT at The Mansion on O Street

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