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Elles s’appellent Hélène and Célia Faussart, mais vous les connais par une autre nom… Les Nubians. Like a pair of phoenixes from the ashes, the two French vocalists have reemerged after a nearly decade long hiatus. With The Hamilton as the backdrop, the setting felt every bit grown and sexy as their lyrics; and to anyone that thought they’d may have lost their charm, edge, relevancy… you are sorely mistaken.

While the mood was mellow, the emotion and the voices of these two women were distinctly dynamic. A five piece band backed the duo (along with two background vocalists), however, the two commanded total attention, never once allowing themselves to be lost amidst the instrumentals. The back and forth of the sisters as they soared through the notes like eagles was almost too much to take in.

Also of note, the same soulful cool confidence they possess when they sing echoes into their lyrics. As they are bilingual artists, both English and French are used, but it must be noted that their deepest lyrics are sang in French. Unfortunately, as the entire room wasn’t of a Francophone background, many were noticeably left ignorant to some of the deep truths illuminated by Les Nubians.

Not to be mistaken, however, the language barrier only restricted the deeper connection achievable, not their abilities as performers. On stage, they were very much inclusive of everyone, going so far as to even talk one-on-one with audience members from the stage. Who would have expected these two to be legitimately funny? (Here, I must mention that they made a Beyoncé reference and they captured me fully after that)

(photo courtesy of Damilare)

I was pleasantly surprised to hear them not only play their most popular hits, but digging a bit deeper with tracks like “Insomnie” and beautifully rearranging these as well. When performing their new album, it becomes evident exactly how much heart went into the project. We receive a bevy of tracks that are truly inspired and fully fleshed out. Having taken that time away has produced an album that reminds us all of how talented they were and still are.

Lasting impressions were that these two women are very genuine in their craft, and quite humble as well. I felt as if I knew them, that this was a private show set-up all for me—when an artist can project their personal attachment to their music upon their audience, I call it success. Ces fammes chanetent “pour raviver les mémoires, exhumer les connaissances, que la spirale du temps efface”—and they did just that.

Considering Nü Revolution is currently available in full on Spotify, it would be wise to take a listen. (***sadly, it’s not quite up yet on iTunes US***)