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Goodie Mob reunited and kicked off their tour promoting their newest album, “Age Against the Machine,” at 9:30 Club on August 24. The rap group famous for coining the term “Dirty South” now has 100% of the former members (including Cee Lo Green!) touring and recording together. So go ahead and press play to hear one of their newest tracks from the album that won’t be released until Tuesday, and see how Cee Lo is doing out of that red chair:

DSC_0171 copy copy

  • Because you can’t start a show without a gorgeous model dressed in a college senior’s fashion design thesis project.

DSC_0183 copy copy

  • Because the dress’ male accessory accompaniment needs Cee Lo Green.

DSC_0203 copy copy

  • Because you can’t have Goodie Mob without the Mob.

DSC_0248 copy copy

  • Because hey, a headdress isn’t everything, especially when you can’t distract an audience with anything but T-rex arms.

DSC_0256 copy copy  DSC_0294 copy copy

DSC_0327 copy copy

DSC_0390 copy copy

  • Because ATL definitely represents in DC at 9:30.