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by Jason Bender

Going into tonight’s show, I really didn’t have many expectations for Garbage. Garbage is a band that I liked when I was in college. I’d play their early hits on my college radio station. Somewhere along the way from there to here, Garbage had fallen off my radar. Completely.

When I saw that they were playing at the Fillmore in Silver Spring I thought, “what the hell? I’ll go check them out”.

When the lights went down Steve Marker, Duke Erikson, Butch Vig and Shirley Manson took the stage. Manson gave Vig a fist bump and on went the show.


They opened with “Supervixen” followed by “Queer” and Manson took quick control of the stage, strutting around and posing, and the sold out crowd erupted singing along to every word.

During the first of many stage banter, Manson mentioned that they had never played in Silver Spring, Maryland before and on cue the band bursted into a few bars from “Like a Virgin” by Madonna.

The following songs in the set list were from across the spectrum of Garbage’s albums. From the hits of “Paranoid” and “Only Happy When it Rains” to “Why Do You Love Me” and “Man on a Wire.”

While the band caught their breath, Manson spoke to the crowd and acknowledged that The Fillmore in Silver Spring had donated $2000 to the Pablove Foundation, which funds pediatric cancer research and helps improve the quality of life for children living with cancer.

Garbage closed out the set with “You Look So Fine” with Manson sneaking in, “Now here you go again,You say you want your freedom / Well, who am I to keep you down?” from “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac.


The three song encore was quite the show stopper with “Stupid Girl”, “Push It” and “Beloved Freak.” Manson exited the stage quickly followed by the rest of the band.

The band sounded like they were on top of their game hitting all the right notes and solos and full of energy leaving the fans on the floor soaked in sweat.

Talking with one fan after the show he said that he had seen them five times now and that “this show may have been the best. On top of their game!”

I have to say, that was an amazing show. Garbage has reignited in me a spark of interest. Garbage is now back on my radar. Completely.