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all photos: Priscilla Ledesma
all words: Jacq Puyn

Hello plaid. Hello banjo. And hello beautiful boy. Thursday night’s show at Black Cat (backroom) opened with local folksy five-piece Typefighter. Catchy, clap-along-to songs with bonus banjo, ukulele, and melodica layers created a sweetened and nostalgia-inducing sorta set. The banjo-highlighted “Worth the weight” is probably my new crush for summer sitting porch days. And they provided the feel-good moment of the night, ending their set with a bare and beautiful serenade (“I wrote this song for you”). Standing among their audience, with only the support of a ukulele and some participatory clapping, it made you want to hug your neighbor tight.


Gringo Star was up next, putting on a well-navigated set. Not sure the audience was fan heavy in their favor, and the energy level of the crowd was pretty lackluster. Packed with solid harmonies and hooks, they sound great, and play well together, but, like the surrounding crowd, they seemed to be missing something extra to capture my attention for more than a couple songs.


Exit Clov took the stage last, and closed out the night beautifully. They are currently promoting the release of their first vinyl featuring four covers. They played three of the four tracks Thursday night (skipping Tosh, citing that they no longer play reggae):

Sing Your Life (Morrissey)
Steppin Razor (Peter Tosh)
The KKK Took My Baby Away (The Ramones)
Mongoloid (Devo)


Being a dramatic lover of the violin, I have wanted to hear Exit Clov for a while. Plagued by some bad weather and cancellations, the band joked that their shows bring the thunderstorms and snow to town. It was worth the wait, and the band put on a great show. Emily and Susan Hsu build such perfect harmonies together, and I love their sexy-sweet style and light yet effective layers.


Their vinyl comes out this Saturday, April 17 (Record store day!!!!), and will be at Crooked Beat if you want to snag it. And browse Priscilla’s oh-so-purty pictures below.