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by Joey Schaefer

No, its not Quentin Tarantino’s most recent kickass flick, Django Unchained, it’s your next favorite British rock group, Django Django. The group has been building enough buzz for me to feel like I knew them, so I asked to cover their show. Hoping to be amiably surprised, I listened to one song on Spotify before rushing to the gig. I was not let down; Django2 was way more rockin’ live than on album.

Dressed in matching blue denim button ups, the psychedelic surf indie rock took the stage before a 9:30 Club sold out crowd. The four Scotsmen got the room full of nerds bouncing to the groovy synth, basslines and tribal drumming. Django2 played their entire self-titled debut that was nominated for the United Kingdom’s prestigious Mercury Prize (which the band lost to Alt-J’s similarly multifaceted An Awesome Wave).

“We only have one album,” lead singer Vincent Neff laughed. “We’ll come back and play more for you next time!”

It was obvious the crowd loved what they heard and that Django Django felt the good vibes wanted to play more. It was like a massage ended a couple strokes early, or a 900-page novel with the last three pages missing.