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Words and photos by Farrah Skeiky

If you were in desperate need of a sweaty, spastic party to close out summer, this was it.

The So So Glos yielded an unexpectedly large turnout, with even underage kids singing along to their oldest songs. Obnoxious banter aside, they presented themselves as people with as much personality as the music they were making– something clearly missing from many carbon copy 70s punk revival bands of Brooklyn. On occasion, parts of the set (some of the banter, some of the stage moves) felt rehearsed. And the only thing that could truly harm a band echoing an era of risk taking and authority snubbing, would be insincerity. If the So So Glos ditched the loftier speeches and focused on aiming for the jugular, they’d generate and sustain an unstoppable buzz to last their whole set.


On the other hand, Diarrhea Planet’s theatrics were much more half-hearted. You’d have never guessed that this show was supposed to be a costume party if it wasn’t for the one guy on stage in a hot dog suit (greeted with cries of “I need more mustard in my monitor! Turn down the sauerkraut please!”). But when Diarrhea Planet litter their songs with shred riffs, playing back to back as if they’re the band Wyld Stallyns was always meant to be, it’s not meant to be taken seriously or impress anyone– the Nashvile sextet are having a great time goofing around, and you should be too. They’re almost, almost a pop punk band masquerading as house party metal. The theatrics are an afterthought– if they work, great! If people aren’t into it– well, do you really think they’d care?

You could imagine that this approach was especially potent at an all-ages show opened up by the Black Sparks, a local band in which no one appeared to be old enough to hold a learner’s permit. Criticism was offhandedly tossed around, but it was mutually agreed that no one’s high school band came close to these kids. When you’re thirteen and opening for some of your favorite bands at DC9, there’s not a lot of room for theatrics. When your name is Diarrhea Planet– your name is Diarrhea Planet. You don’t need ’em. You’ve got four guitars and a guy in a hot dog costume already.


This was truly a farewell summer house party– all that was missing was the Spring Breakers-inspired set of the “Separations” video. The song received the summer anthem singalong treatment, and the indisputable party gods shredded through and on top of a crowd eagerly lapping up every note. In fact, every track from I’m Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams stood out from the EP tracks, blared with the confidence that comes with a successful full length release. Every action combined yielded a memorable, somewhat smelly night for a sticky crowd dedicated to staying on the same page as the energy hub on stage. Goodbye summer– we’d pour some out for you, but we’re certain Diarrhea Planet are carrying your vibes everywhere they go.


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