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all words and photos: Daniela Toleva

Favorite David Guetta album: 2004’s Guettablaster, favorite David Guetta party – Thanksgiving 2007 at Cielo, NYC. This means that I am probably too old to have been in attendance at his packed Friday night show at newly renovated Echostage. Does anyone even remember the days when his tracks had a lot more soulful and powerful vocals and a lot less Akon, Fergie, Flo Rida, etc? It’s true. Even 2007’s Pop Life, which cemented Guetta’s superstar DJ status, had vocalists of the likes of Chris Willis and Tara McDonald. Autotune and anything resembling dubstep were non-existent.

David Guetta - DC-006

Clearly skeptical of Guetta’s recent sound, I was curious to see his live show. Digressing again, if I dig hard enough into my archives I’m sure I could find those photos of air contortionists and fire breathers from his club shows in 2008, probably the last time I saw him at a club. The theatrics back then were nothing short of awesome. So here’s what happened on Friday at Echostage, let’s go.

David Guetta - DC-002

We arrived a little after midnight to a packed club. With everyone eagerly (maybe a little too eagerly) awaiting Guetta to go on the decks, he made quite the entrance on a lit up stage. I guess gone are the days when the music doesn’t stop between DJs and you can’t tell when the handover happens. Cool visuals though (see photos). As is customary, the crowd went crazy… and almost everyone took out their phone to take a picture. If it’s not on Facebook, it didn’t happen. I am also guilty as charged!

David Guetta - DC-025

Then he played all the hits, which you all know and I don’t have to recount. There were theatrics again, there were confetti, there was fog, a whole show. I hear Swedish House Mafia does something similar. And once I put away my camera and danced with the crowd, there even was a whole lot of the old David Guetta I used to like.

David Guetta - DC-019

The way he keeps the crowd dancing for what seemed like forever is why his parties are so fun and legendary. And these days the man does it mostly on top 40!

David Guetta - DC-021

Although my music tastes have not kept up with the times, my affinity for a good party has apparently stayed put. A fun crowd makes for a fun party, and the party kids on Friday night certainly did not disappoint. A suggestion: listen to Guettablaster. It doesn’t have Nicki Minaj on it, but I really want to hear David Guetta play The World Is Mine sometime again. Let’s make it happen.

David Guetta - DC-001David Guetta - DC-003David Guetta - DC-004David Guetta - DC-005David Guetta - DC-007David Guetta - DC-010David Guetta - DC-011David Guetta - DC-012David Guetta - DC-015David Guetta - DC-017

David Guetta - DC-022David Guetta - DC-023David Guetta - DC-024David Guetta - DC-020