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all photos: Christopher Chen

The women of Bleached hit DC9 last week, playing alongside Hunters and Priests. Consisting of two sisters hailing from sunny L.A., Bleached debuted with a well received album (Pitchfork blessed 6.6) Ride the Heart, released just over two weeks ago, yea hot and still smoking. They’re self described as rock and roll, post punk, but their sound is very much punk, yet stripped down with a surf style. High energy rock paired with fashion style that recalls an earlier era makes Bleached this infectious, irresistible machine, cranking out their lip-licking, rollicking ear candy. They only stop once every few songs to strum out thoughts about a “guy like you” and how “my dreams keep giving me hope.” Maybe a short, albeit fun ride, Bleached packs their song catalog with quality arrangement and dynamic melody.