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all photos: Chris Chen

Our writer fell ill this Friday, so in lieu of a recent review, we bring you photos from Chris Chen (aka-the resident Black Lips BYT photographer) and a cornucopia of quotes from our MANY previous coverages of these bands (mostly during springtime, mostly at Black Cat). Hope you’re ready:


  • I was trying to retain my dignity (and my glasses), but when they started to play Bad Kids and everyone was singing along into the mikes and stage-diving like Agnostic Front was out there I was all “fuck it!” and pushed my way up to the pit and did some airpunching and windmilling and I kicked someone in the groin, it may have been Shopping Bear, sorry about that (Peter Heyneman – March 18th, 2008)
  • if your formative years were spent in some suburb where you were ridiculed or chastised for not buying into some empty idea of normalcy, well, thank the Black Lips. They are on your side. And you definitely want them there. (Cynthia-March 9th, 2009)
  • The Black Lips KILLED IT! (Will Mullady-July 29th 2009)
  • I’ve been to around 50 shows since joining BYT. This is the first one where my jaw was on the floor the entire time. It wasn’t because of the music — there are a lot of bands playing garage rock — but because of how intense they were from start to finish. These guys literally want to burn out playing music. (Andy Hess-March 22nd, 2010)

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  • If there was a mosh pit at one of their shows it would be one of those odd, unexpectedly apropos things, like finding a beef patty in a milkshake. (That metaphor wasn’t bad actually; maybe I should save it for another time, like when you find a beef patty in a milkshake?) (Peter, August 15th 2008)
  • If a perfect balance exists between charming, lo-fi exuberance and bullet-piercing precision, the band found it Saturday night. As for the gals’ Crystals-inspired three-part vocal harmonies? Fantabuloso. Seriously, the Vivs nailed it. (Rick Taylor, February 23rd, 2009)
  • I’ve never been that into the band as much as others. I always thought their music sounded off key and had terrible execution, but live the music from Vivian Girls is near perfect. Even with the bass problems. (Andy Hess, November 2nd 2009)

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