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When Beyoncé played the Super Bowl halftime show there were rumors she had completed an album and it that show was the start of the promotion cycle, but Bey did not announce her follow-up to 4. Instead, she announced The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour, which had its first of two stops at the Verizon Center last night. No one can do it like Beyoncé Knowles, and on Monday night the Queen Bey brought a two-hour extravaganza full of dancing, strobe lights, fireworks, air cannons and powerhouse vocals to the eager crowd. Beyoncé is still finishing an album, but who needs new songs when the hits she has amassed are so strong?


The show started with a video of Bey’s court gathering and ended with Beyoncé decked out like a royal style kicking into “Run The World (Girls).” Backed by an all female band complete with two keyboardists, 3 back-up vocalists, The Mama’s: a guitarist, bassist, drummer and three piece horn section, Beyoncé ran through “End Of Time” before pulling the curtain back for a bracing rendition of “Flaws and All.” The song is a misnomer, as Beyoncé has no flaws, it is a proven fact.


The video screen returned as Bey changed into her second of many costumes. The second section of the show ran through some of Bey’s biggest hits. “If I Were a Boy” kicked off the section, interpolation “Bittersweet Symphony.” “Get Me Bodied” followed raising the energy to lead into a sexy version of “Baby Boy” and “Diva” which took the beat of Kanye West and Co’s “Clique.”

After a quick trip to Vegas for smutty versions of “Naughty Girl” and “Party,” and an intense standalone performance of “Freakum Dress,” Beyoncé slowed it down to play two of her ballads from 4 “I Care” and “I Miss You.” Bibi McGill’ Bey’s guitarist, got the spotlight with her firework spewing guitar. While it is speculated Beyoncé didn’t sing the last time she was in DC, there is no denying she hit every note this time around.


I Am…Sasha Fierce deluxe edition bonus track “Why Don’t You Love Me” proved to be the night’s only miss, as the song never took off and not many in the crowd knew it. Beyoncé recovered quickly, donning a purple body suit to play 4 opener “1+1” while rolling around seductively atop a piano. After the track she was wished away on a wire to the center of the Verizon Center floor. During “Irreplaceable” Bey let audience member finish her lines, and graciously shook hands with those waiting in the center of her donut shaped stage. Mic stands and dancers flooded the small stage to perform “Love on Top,” and before getting whisked back to main stage, the Queen did a verse from Destiny Child’s “Survivor.”


As Beyoncé prepared for her seventh costume change, the Bee Hive was treated to cut up lines from “Countdown” but when Beyoncé returned the horns went full blast reveling “Crazy in Love.” “Crazy” is one of Bey’s biggest singles and best songs, and it got the whole treatment sending the crowd into a tizzy. The only song that could garner that much awe was the flawless version of “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)” that followed. Bey and her dancers reenacted the iconic video hitting all their moves and never missing a beat.


If anything could be considered out of place it was the set closing number “Grown Woman.” The track is just a “teaser” single, released to promote Pepsi, but it is a total missed opportunity. Had the label just released the song properly it could’ve been a smash and deserved the big expensive treatment it got during the show. Perhaps, knowing that Beyoncé couldn’t finish the album, it could’ve been sent to ticket holders as a free download before the show, or axed from the set list in favor of “Countdown,” “Ring the Alarm” or any number of Bey’s stronger tracks. Mrs. Carter did the full song in a tropical dress, ending the track with blasts of confetti cannons.


Though the show started and stopped during costume changes, it is clear that “Halo,” the show’s closing number is supposed to mimic an encore. Beyoncé, dressed in a dazzling outfit, first did a little bit of Whitey Houston’s cover of “I Will Always Love You” before blowing the fans away with “Halo.” The song went off without any unplanned errors and no one tried to touch her inappropriately as she went into the crowd. When Bey’s dancers returned to a medely of “Green Light” and “Suga Mama” off B-Day, it was all closing credits as Bey thanked the crowd, the crew and her amazing band.

Beyoncé shows are huge events and if you couldn’t go last night, hurry, as there are still tickets available for tonight!