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An otherwise sleepy Sunday, post-Halloween haze was put to the ultimate test by Albert Hammond Jr. and his merrry band of musicmakers. Hammond, well known for his role in The Strokes, is out on a solo tour for the first time in four years in support of his new EP. While his solo songs are hardly that far of a stretch from the pull of The Strokes, Hammond and his band did an excellent job of playing Rock Idol to the crowd of twenty-somethings. The crowd was so enamored with Hammond they even caused him to be a bit taken aback early in the set, when a few humbled, “Thank you! Thank you! Wow, thank you!” were uttered into the microphone. No doubt all the love and applause was certainly due this veteran rocker after such a tight display of fun, pop musicianship.


Opener, Nightbox, completely caught me by surprised and I’m glad I stopped by to see them play. Their cover of Daft Punk’s “Aerodynamic” was flawlessly executed. I immediately pulled out my phone and began texting all my dance music friends from the sidelines just to rave about how they brought the song to life with a full band set up. The Irish born lads were a great primer for Hammond, injecting an infectious amount of energy into the already half-full crowd.

All in all an amazing show for a Sunday night in DC. I wouldn’t be surprised if both bands come back, guns ablaze, to the area soon.


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