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While we here in DC may have achieved marriage equality for our brothers, sisters, and in-betweeners under that beautiful rainbow colored flag, those in Maryland are still struggling for recognition. As we draw nearer to election day and the handful of actions and initiatives are being placed on the ballot, Marylanders for Marriage Equality are working hard to ensure that Question 6 gets passed, and as such, they arranged a special fundraiser to support the effort.

930 Club saw the arrival of Adam Lambert, you know, that irresistibly cute glam rocker from American Idol fame. Considering tickets for the event went on sale with extremely short notice, the “Glamberts” (as they’re referred) did not disappoint, showing up in decent numbers. The beautiful one with the amazing hair brought the energy and attitude to boot, not sacrificing his effervescence one bit in the smaller venue—it felt just as explosive as any of his stadium sized performances. His backing band also brought loads of enthusiasm, which some who take the stage at 930 club unfortunately leave at the door (oops).


On being his first official motion towards the political: “So when I got the call to come down and do this fundraiser, I was very excited because I feel like it’s a bit overdue for me to be involved in a political anything and this is something that I can wholeheartedly back up without sounding like an idiot.” No one would, or should, ever mistake this man for an idiot—he came last minute to support a cause which doesn’t affect him immediately; that’s admirable.

Mister Lambert made sure not to claim too much of the spotlight during the event; a wise move given this was foremost about Maryland families. He took a moment to recognize the reason for our gathering and dedicated a song to the struggling couples just hoping to commemorate their unions. “Outlaws of Love” was a fitting tribute with lyrics “They say we’ll rot in Hell, but I don’t think we will / They’ve branded us enough, ‘Outlaws of Love’.” The words of the song injected a tender intimacy amidst the up-tempo dance party that was the bulk of his set.


What really stuck out was the diversity of the audience—almost mimicking the multiplicity of faces within the Queer community, the evening’s attendees varied in their self-identifiers. No T, and certainly no shade to anyone, but it was a bit shocking the number of over 40 women who came out for the night, and were on point with every lyric. The youngest of all, a girl of at most 12, got a special shout out from Adam during an ad-libbed, “…I don’t know about V, but the Cock sure looks good!”

In all, DC proved strong solidarity to our neighbors of the Old Line State… because lets be real, we can’t have everyone jumping the line to marry here (kidding!). With November drawing near, it is imperative for those in Maryland to get out and vote to ensure the right, and ability, of same-sex couples to marry. For more information about Question 6 and why it should matter to you, check out MarylandersForMarriageEquality.org

(…as a side note, Adam Lambert’s discography isn’t too shabby either; so hop on over to iTunes or Spotify to grab a listen of his new album Trespassing.)

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