LiveDC: Action Bronson @ Howard Theatre
BYT at large | Dec 3, 2012 | 2:30PM |

All words: Joshua Hood

This show was going to be the first time that I was going to catch Bronson in the live form. The first time I came across Action Bronson had nothing to do with his music whatsoever, but the profession that he was in was just as strong at as he is when it comes to rapping. I’m a skinny kid, but I have a love for food. Cooking it, eating it…Food. I’m all about it. So I found myself searching the web for some cooking videos one day when I stumbled across Action Bronson cooking video. I had never heard of him at this point, but what I found was a man that was three of me throwing down in the kitchen whipping up plates that still make my mouth water.

I rolled through I few different videos, and I’m not sure if it was that same day or other but I end up rolling across a video for “Brunch” and “Shiraz”. The thing that caught me about Action was the picture that he painted through out his songs. He never really had hooks but he put together a story that keep you hooked. So when I saw that he was playing at Howard Theatre I knew right away what I would be doing that night, come hell or high water.

One of the main thing that I have an issue with most rapper/hip hop artist is that most see to have this idea that they are above the audience that they are making music for, they come across as more of a joke to me then anything. Action Bronson on the other had comes at things in a completely different way, his lyrics are almost comical, so over the top that you find your self wondering if he just said that. The thing is that it works, you feel that you’re on an epic adventure with a gritty Bond-type character. There are women, fights, and larger amounts of food. Action’s presences on the stage is just as strong as his lyrics on any track you find him on. Bronson reminds me a lot of old school rapper, because they all seemed to really be out in the streets, actually invested in their fans. Though it seems that rap has definitely gotten a broader range of fans/maybe people that use to listen to it in the safety of their room now feel comfortable to come out and support their favorite artist. One thing that’s for sure is that Action Bronson hasn’t lost the dedication that those old rapper had.

He pulled a disabled fan out of the crowd to enjoy the show from the comfort of the stage and at one point even through him across his shoulder rapped a full song with him there. I listen to hip hop, but I don’t general rush out to shows. I grow up around a bunch of punk rockers and hardcore kids, those are the type of shows that I’ve always been to. Anyone that’s been to one of those show knows that there’s a pretty big differences. For the most part they tend to be a bit more aggressive and also connect a bit more with the crowd. Maybe at some point growing up Bronson found his self at a few of those type of shows or maybe it’s just the natural relaxed vibe that he brings to the stage that found him rapping through the crowd for a good four songs. From the crowd to the bar to grab a drink then making his way back to the stage.

Action Bronson has something that a lot of artist don’t have,no matter what genre of music, what he does is natural. He’s a guy behind a mic that might be throwing out crazy over the top verse and cooking up dishes that’d make any woman or man growl for days, this isn’t luxury rap or designer clothes talk, this is Action Bronson. I can’t say this is proper rap, the way that is should be done, because music is what you make it. But I can say that I haven’t come across any other rapper doing what Bronson is doing, no one else is approaching it how he does. There’s not another rapper putting on the shows that he does.

Action Bronson, the 007 of the rap game, or better yet, the Dirty Harry to the game. I’m just hoping that within in the year there a song with Action and Kendrick Lamar.