LiveDC: Last call! @ Red Palace (NSFW)
pjrey | Jan 8, 2013 | 12:40PM |

All words and photos: PJ Rey

Red Palace’s last hurrah featured a who’s who of local variety performers. Unlike typical burlesque shows, where each performer gets two sets, “GiGi Holliday Ladies Night Out presents: Last call!” ran straight through a slate of eleven performers (including GiGi Holliday herself). Hot Todd Lincoln joined the cast as a co-host to help keep this epic show on its rails. Red Palace regular Ruby Rockafella, acting as stage kitten, had the unenviable task of cleaning up after several food-related acts (popcorn was tossed, cakes were straddled… see photos).

The full lineup included (in chronological order): Missy Aggravation, Cherie Sweetbottom, Charlie Artful, Candy Del Rio, Malibu, Maria Bella, Hot & Bothered, Mourna Handful, Swami YoMami, GiGi Holliday (below, left), and Kay Sera.

Cherie Sweetbottom 12. 28.12

The room was absolutely packed for this event. Holliday asked how people were at their first burlesque show and a surprising number of hands shot up. Apparently, many folks wanted to seize the last opportunity to say they saw burlesque at The Palace. As the night came to a close, Holliday announced that not only was this the last burlesque show at The Palace, but it was also the last gig that she plans to produce. Holliday then got a little teary-eyed on stage; much of the audience did too.

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The good news is that, in a post-Red-Palace new year, local variety acts are already finding new homes. And who knows? One may just be in your neighborhood.

[Correction: Though GiGi Holliday is no longer producing “Ladies Night Out,” she has moved on to produce “Zou Zou Revue” at The Black Cat.]

Audience Participants 12.28.12  Cherie Sweetbottom 12. 28.12Mourna Handful 12.28.12  Gigi Holliday Last Call-62


Mourna Handful 12.28.12

Gigi Holliday Last Call-36  Gigi Holliday Last Call-39

Hot Todd Lincoln & Charlie Artful 12.28.12  Hot Todd Lincoln & Charlie Artful 12.28.12

Gigi Holliday Last Call-48

Hot Todd Lincoln 12.28.12  Gigi Holliday Last Call-59  Cherie Sweetbottom 12. 28.12  Cherie Sweetbottom 12. 28.12


Swami YoMahmi 12.28.12  Swami YoMahmi 12.28.12


Ruby Rockafella 12.28.12  Mourna Handful 12.28.12

Hot & Bothered 12.28.12


Mourna Handful 12.28.12  Hot Todd Lincoln & Audience Participant12.28.12

Cherie Sweetbottom 12. 28.12

Gigi Holliday Last Call-2  Missy Aggrevation 12.28.12

Gigi Holliday Last Call-53

Maria Bella 12.28.12  Audience Participant 12.28.12Ruby Rockafella 12.28.12