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All photos by Emily Cohen

All words by Emily Butz


It was the show that wouldn’t end, with song after song and encore after encore The Wombats didn’t know when to stop and the crowd just couldn’t let them go.

The Wombats

There was a slow start to the show but The Postelles really broke it out with their performance and woke up the crowd. This was certainly a band to see live. The Postelles delivered with lead Daniel Balk’s raspy vocals, and an overall stage presence that had the crowd eating out of the band’s hand. During the eighth song when Balk said jump, the whole place jumped.

The Postelles

The Postelles played a mix of new and old songs and even an impromptu cover of a Ramone’s song but through all of the flashing lights and screaming fans what really showed through was their love for music and their love for the crowd. These guys got on stage and had fun with each other and played with the crowd, shouting out, “D.C. is our favorite” and, “You guys are fucking amazing.”

The Postelles

Even a small technical set back in the middle of one of their songs could not bend The Postelles out of shape as one band member said, “Its only rock and roll right?” And indeed the band has really kept its low key vibe after having, “…really blown up since the last show in D. C.” as one member of the crow put it.

The Postelles

The clean set poured out over the speakers and picked up the crowd and handed them, hyped up and crowd surfing, off to The Wombats.

It was The Wombat’s first time playing in D. C. and they certainly did it with success. Though they came on stage and started their set with lower energy than The Postelles the crowd did not seem to notice as they continued in their frenzied excitement.

The Wombats

An eclectic crowd stuffed through the doors to see The Wombats and as soon as the set started you could hear everyone shouting along to the music.

The Wombats had to get their bearings and grow into their performance but after getting into a groove  with their driving beats and happy sound, they jammed through song after song.

The Wombats

“We liked playing so much for you guys, we’re going to play an extra song” was how they kicked off the 5 song encore’s encore and really, that was the best part of the show. The last song built up the crowd enough to have them bobbing out the door with the catchy synth beat still looping in their head.

As a whole this show passed my expectations and made me a new fan of The Postelles and showed me the great musicality of The Wombats.


The Postelles The Postelles


The Wombats The Wombats

The WombatsThe Wombats The Wombats

The Wombats The WombatsThe Wombats


The Static Jacks The Static Jacks