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Australian indie pop songstress, producer + multi-instrumentalist G Flip (Georgia Flipo) took over Baby’s All Right last night, and it was easily one of the best performances I’ve caught in Brooklyn all year.

If you’re going, “But Megan, we know you are a total sucker for queer female musicians! How can we trust that this was ACTUALLY amazing, and not just you stanning for an out ‘n proud singer?” then I am going, “YOU GUYS. I’m 100% not just saying this because of everything you just said (although 1. true, and 2. her queerness is a total added bonus) – Flipo’s voice is INCREDIBLE live (like, seriously mind-blowing), not to mention the fact that she slays on both drums and guitar, brings all of the high-energy dance moves, heads off stage to cruise around the crowd every now and then, AND still manages to come through with top-notch banter in between songs! ALL OF THE STUFF YOU WANT IN A SHOW AND THEN SOME!!!”

The gig was her first in America, and she’s clearly got a huge fan base in the US from the looks of the packed room last night. She’ll head to the West Coast for shows in LA and San Francisco later this week, and that will (it appears) conclude the quickie stateside jaunt. With all the positive attention she’s been getting from media and listeners, though, I’d be willing to bet a more extensive tour is in the pipeline. (Fingers crossed this gut feeling is true!)

The overarching point to all of this is that if you’re not familiar w/ G Flip’s tunes yet, she is absolutely one to watch. While being able to catch her live performance is amazing, you can also get the vibe by checking out “About You” and “Killing My Time“, plus keep your ears peeled for new tracks, ’cause homegirl’s got a debut record in the works! (Yes yes a thousand times yes!)