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contributors: Phil Runco, William Alberque, Marcus Dowling, Mitchell London,  Svetlana Legetic + BYT PHOTO TEAM (all live show photos from previous BYT coverages)

Before we delve into live show recommendations:

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(by William)

  • 1. Treat the door staff and bartender with respect. They are putting up with dozens, perhaps hundreds, of shitheads in various stages of intoxication all night, making their living dealing with your sorry ass while a band they might love is on and paying attention to you asking for some pointlessly complex cocktail or otherwise being a douche by waving money at them, yelling incoherent instructions at them, sneaking in alcohol or underage friends, or otherwise making them HAVE to punch you. And, if you treat them with respect, they might just remember and make your next visit 10% more awesome.

  • 2. You have no right to empty space in front of you. None. I don’t give a shit that you’re short. If you love the band, show up early and push up front. Your lack of planning is not my fault. And, if you stand there and try to tell me I can’t stand in front of you because it blocks your view – the only reason I’m trying is because there is a one or more person sized gap in front of you – and your whiny tears are delicious to me. Shuddupayaface.

  • 3. If you made it all the way to the front, and the show is lively, but you find yourself curiously unmoved, get the fuck out of the way. Preferably, go to the back – which is also where everyone who wants to have a chinwag should be heading. If I and all my friends spend the rest of the show bumping into you, it’s your own fucking fault. Up front is for fans only. And, the band, by the way, is not thrilled by your statue-like ability to stand with your arms folded for the whole show. Honestly – ask them if you don’t believe me – they’ll tell you how much they wish the whole front section would dance/move/sway the whole time. If you hate the show that much, go home.

  • 4. Unless you’re getting paid for taking pictures…stop taking them. Seriously. One, two, three tops. You’re just going to delete them, and – I’m telling you this on behalf of all of your friends – if we weren’t there with you, we don’t give a shit about the photos you took, and if we were there, we have our own (and if we have a clue, we’re on BYT looking at the pro shots instead). Related: remember that time that band played a song you were stoked to hear at 930 and you used your iPhone to take a video of it, and then the next day you showed it to all of your friends and all they heard wash NRRRGHHHH—SHCKKKHCHCHCHCSHHSHSHSHHHH? Yeah, put your fucking iPhone back in your pocket and enjoy the show.

  • The Rapture coming to U Street Music Hall on September 25. In the Grace of Your Love doesn’t quite live up to the heightened expectations created by advance single “How Deep is Your Love” (sigh), and the departure of Mattie Safer means his contributions (notably: “Sister Saviour” and “Whoo! Alright – Yeah…Uh Huh”) are off the set list, but I’m still most excited about this show.  The fact that this band’s ass-shaking catalog will be blasting through that venue’s earth-rattling sound system on a Sunday is only appropriate: I’m expecting a religious experience. – Phil
  • the Horrors @ the Black Cat Mainstage, September 30 – I can’t wait to see Skying live. The Horrors’ last show in Baltimore was blindingly good and (reportedly) much better than their disappointing show in DC – which, considering how amazing the band were in Baltimore, I have to ascribe completely to the pathetic trend in standing stock-still up front at shows in DC. – William
  • Jens Lekman @Sixth and I Synagogue, October 5, 6 Well, it’s Jens. At the Synagogue. Awesome. How will his follow-up to Night Falls over Kortedala sound? I can’t wait! – William

  • James Blake at 9:30 Club, October 9. James Blake makes the kind of music that makes subwoofers weep human tears. If for the abundantly passionate, 2011 top track “Limit to Your Love” alone, the bone chilling, tear jerking, heart yearning emotion of this show will make 9:30 Club into a sanctuary of percussion and love. – Marcus

  • the Still Corners @ DC9, October 18 see my anticipated debut albums review above for why Still Corners DC debut will be worth seeing. – William
  • YOUNG @ HEART Chorus @ Warner Theatre, October 20– Remember that documentary a couple of years ago about that senior citizen chorus being awesome and singing rock classics? Sure it sounded like a gimmick but it was entertaining and inspiring and heart warming and well, yes, even rocking. So, on October 20th they’ll be at Warner Theatre for one night only, in a concert to benefit IONA Senior Services. I think we should all go. – Svetlana

  • St. Vincent @ 930 Club,  November 1 – They really don’t make them like Annie Clark anymore. Striking that fine balance between being an ethereal pixie, your weirdo best friend, and a serious badass on pretty much every musical platform known to mankind, she has “Strange Mercy” out now on 4AD and she even got David Byrne to be on it, which, in my book, is the ultimate sign of “must have/must hear” ever. Plus, her live shows make you laugh, cry, and fall in love with everything music can be in 2011. – Svetlana

  • Moombahton Massives at U Street Music Hall. Not to be a homer or to appear over-enthusiastic, but the genre really has a dominant grip on underground party culture these days. The sound also captures the id, ego, and super ego of progressive thinkers who are seeing their world view come into fruition. Overwhelming energy on a kingpin system in the nation’s top underground EDM venue. A perfect combination. – Marcus
  • Anytime Denman C. Anderson is on a DJ billing. Denman’s a great DC dude. The weird kid in the corner who is far more musically aware than you know, he’s really crafted two top local DJ nights, No Love Lost and Destination. Think moombahton and nu disco are rubbish? Thinking that drum and bass, dubstep, cold wave, future bass, UK funky and aggressive metal are really what the musical underground are all about? Denman passionately caresses everything that goes bump in the night and makes you feel like you desperately have to be a fan. Check out Velvet Lounge on every other Monday and third Sunday. More than worth your time. – Marcus


  • The Velvet Teen @ 930 Club, October 19 – One of my favorite bands to come out in the 2000’s, and they’ve been absent from playing a show in DC since 2006. – Nick Balleza
  • M83 @ the Black Cat. Maybe this is the gearhead in me speaking, but I HAVE to photograph Anthony Gonzalez’s custom synth encased in Plexiglas. Their light shows are never spectacular, but it doesn’t really matter because the sound of their shoegaze synth is beyond epic. – Julian Vu

  • Bryan Ferry @ Strathmore, October 3– because he is a fucking legend. – Katherine Gaines
  • Jens Lekman @ Sixth and I. Not too long ago, he wrote the song “The End of the World is Bigger than Love” which was based solely around his experience in DC post-election when everyone was celebrating in the streets. I’m sure this show will be special to him, and I’m honestly surprised tix haven’t sold out yet. (I think). – Julian Vu

  • Ladytron @ 930 Club October 13 – Always reinventing themselves, the 4 piece electropop group will be sure to not let anyone down. Ladytron has been busting out hit songs since 2001; pushing the frontiers to new levels and appearing in many unforgettable movie soundtracks (Party Monster, Mammut). I fell head over heals for the dark poppy sounds Ladytron creates. Not only do they grab my utmost attention, but pull on my emotions with eerie twists and bubbly choruses. I imagine photographing them would be an escapade of panning colors bursting from behind as Helen Marnie sings hits songs such as “Destroy Everything You Touch” and “Seventeen”.  Backed up by 930 Club’s amazing light set up, I’m sure this will be an easy accomplishment. – Franz Mahr
  • Circa Survive @ RamsHead Live, October 18 – Time after time I’ve seen these guys live and not once have they disappointed me. The energy they give out and the amount the crowd gives back is electrifying. Lead by Anthony Green, I can imagine getting some great photos of band/ crowd interactions as he commands the crowd to scream, jump, sway, and dance. This band has the perfect equation of musicianship, stage presence, and devotion that will move the house of what I predict a sold out Rams Head Live. – Franz Mahr
  • Wild Flag’s return to DC @ Black Cat, October 20 – Imo, The BEST show that will happen this fall, without a doubt. Those ladies brought it with bells on last time they played. Their search and destroy attitude and killer sonics are NOT to be missed. – Julian Vu

  • ATP presents I’ll Be Your Mirror curated by Portishead @ Asbury Park NJ 10/1-10/2. Because Portishead hasn’t played stateside in over a decade, therefore I’d drive my ass up there without hesitation. – Nick Balleza

  • Grimes (opening for AUSTRA @ RNR Hotel, October 27) – because it will be great to see the raven-haired child-like dance of Grimes collide with the operatic bravado of Austra
  • Breakbot (opening for Chromeo @ Fillmore Silver Spring, October 29) – because every song of Breakbot sounds as good as all the Chromeo hits. Lets get this party started.
  • Deleted Scenes (opening for Jukebox the Ghost @ 930 Club, December 1) – because the local boys with two solid Pitchfork album reviews under their belt and years of playing all over town probably deserve to headline 930 club themselves.

Please feel free to let us know in the comments if you feel we missed something. And stay tuned for more fall guides (style, arts, food, the works).