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Larry Gus from Greece opened for YACHT at U Street Music Hall. It was possibly one of the best solo performers I’ve seen in the past year. It was a weird set that not everyone would necessarily appreciate. For instance, openers don’t generally run off the stage, perform in the audience, and then run circles on stage and the crowd.

Gus did not stop in the middle of his set for anything, including trying to convey that his monitor was broken. He was jumping up and down, saying “CHECK! CHECK! CHECK!” and pointing at the monitor for minutes before anyone realized that he was trying to get the sound engineer’s attention. He had me sweating from just watching him perform. He’s weird in a great way. Here’s a video to show how weird and great this can be. I wanted him to do an encore.

YACHT continued with Gus’ energy. They performed many of their new songs from I Thought the Future Would Be Cooler. They also played sex songs, such as “I Wanna Fuck You Till I’m Dead.” YACHT saved their album title track and “Psychic City” for their encore. I stayed for their encore, which I generally don’t do.

Can both come back and do more encores?



Larry Gus

Larry GusLarry GusLarry GusLarry GusLarry GusLarry Gus