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Tyler of Over & Out helped organize the last of the three We Are Family Halloween Benefit Shows at Casa Fiesta. Local punk bands Over & Out, Boardroom Heroes, Kill Lincoln, Collapser, Playtime Revenue and Blacksmithtomahawk, it was a show you shouldn’t have missed. Charity, guys. The money went to charity.

Ryan Ford of The Lawrence Arms, technically of Collapser, broke four strings.

The Lawrence Arms

Pits, the equivalent of pits constituting of a bunch of dudes in the attic of a Mexican restaurant getting violent, broke out every single song, especially during NOFX when I got pushed off a chair. (Thank you for catching me!)


It also seems that every time I see a show featuring at least one member of Kill Lincoln, at some point “Fuck you Alan” is chanted. The chant started off with “Fuck you Nolan” before quickly turning into “Fuck you Alan” who wasn’t even at the show.


Costumes were also top notch that night with a clown, a penguin, Robin who I saw at The Pinch the night before and Jesus.


At the end of the night, Tyler announced that they raised $400 that night and Chris Moore confirmed that they raised $2000 for We Are Family throughout the weekend. Good job, DC punks!

Playtime Revenue as Lifetime


Collapser as The Lawrence Arms and also Beastie Boys for one song

The Lawrence ArmsThe Lawrence ArmsThe Lawrence Arms

Blacksmithtomahawk as NOFX


Over & Out, Boardroom Heroes, Kill Lincoln as Descendents DescendentsDescendentsDescendentsDescendentsDescendentsDescendents