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You will believe… a dinosaur can poo.

Remember when you first watched Jurassic Park and there’s that amazing scene where Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler first encounter a Brachiosaurus? Well, imagine that feeling prolonged for a little under two hours, and you’ve got Walking With Dinosaurs: The Live Experience. The nationwide arena tour spent its weekend in the District, culminating its stop in Bush’s backyard with three final shows today at the Verizon Center. Yes, the tickets are pricey, and I’ll be the first to admit that I haven’t been to the Verizon Center since Michael Jordan played for the Wizards, but nosebleeds priced at $30.50 along with the promise of seeing dinosaurs roam the Earth convinced me to go.


And let me say, it was totally worth every penny. Granted, the dinosaurs either have t-shaped carts or semi-visible human legs under them at a given time, but overall the movements are so life-like that you often overlook those aspects. The show features a plethora of prehistoric creatures, ranging from armored vegetarians like the Stegosaurus and Ankylosaurus to voracious carnivores like the Allosaurus and T-Rex. The show also features scavengers like the Utahraptor (insert Mormon joke here) and even simulated a flying Pteranodon, my personal favorite.

While there are tense “fight scenes” that pit predator vs. prey, most of them involve strategically maneuvering the animatronic behemoths around the arena so audience members can get a full view of how detailed the creatures are, a wonder that never ceases to amaze throughout the show. Even though the action is a bit lacking, the experience remains far from boring, and in case you weren’t one of those kids who could tell an Iguanodon from a Parasaurolophus, a narrator keeps things moving without getting too involved in the scientific aspect. And to top it all off, you get to see a Torosaurus drop a giant deuce in the middle of the arena. No shit. Well, actually there is, and the result resembles a Cocoa Puff the size of Kanye West’s ego.

But the best part is that after the show ended, a couple of friends and myself were taken backstage to get a closer look at these magnificent monsters and the sheer amount of detail that goes into them (for example: each dinosaur has meticulously-placed snot around its nasal cavities). After about three hours of geeking out to my heart’s content, you can bet I took a hell of a lot of photos.

dsc02124.JPG dsc02125.JPG dsc02127.JPG


dsc02130.JPG dsc02135.JPG dsc02149.JPG

dsc02126.JPG dsc02139.JPG dsc02158.JPG