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all words and photos: Julian Vu
Twin Sister called Iota’s crowd “the most polite crowd ever.” This is perhaps in contrast of the last time they played DC in which they opened up for Xiu Xiu and Tune-Yards, and had someone heckle them to get off the stage and “bring out Tune-Yards and Xiu Xiu”. Some might find Twin Sister’s music boring, but in all honesty what can you expect from a band that sounds more like hazy 80’s dreampop, and less like, well Tune-Yards or Xiu Xiu?

Twin Sister Twin Sister Twin Sister

Young though they may be, every single member brings a unique sound to the stage. Andrea Estella’s voice is dreamy on the recordings. Live, her voice takes on a completely different almost Björk-like character, but less weird. Chorused Guitars, 80’s synthesizers, and muffled beats were all part of the equation in crafting the Twin Sister sound. For what they aim to do, they do it well.

Twin Sister

Memoryhouse is another one of those pitchfork/gorillavsbear darlings that hardly got any time to evolve before getting tons of attention. This is perhaps because their dreampop sound is so good from the get-go. When asked about their performance on pitchfork.tv, guitar/synth player Evan Abeele admitted to me that the p4k.tv taping was their second performance ever. He and singer Denise Nouvion had just crafted songs in their bedroom, perhaps with no intention of touring the music. And within a year, they were out touring North America. Knowing what I knew, it explained why their live show had an 85% full sound. The two are still young folks getting their feet wet. Despite all this, Nouvion’s voice delivers, in the most hauntingly beautiful way ever. Her innocence really comes through in her vocals, despite having clearly mature lyrics. While the band relies on backing tracks, they could stand to shave a few minutes off of each song, as the loops begin to get tiresome, and there’s only so much that dreamy vocals and guitar can add before the crowd begins to want a new song.

Twin Sister Twin Sister Twin Sister Twin Sister Twin Sister Twin Sister Twin Sister Twin Sister Twin Sister Twin Sister