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The Black Cat was packed last Friday night for the Morning Benders sold out show. The concert opened with Oberhofer. 19-year-old front man Brad Oberhofer quickly won over the teenage girl crowd with his Bert and Ernie guitar stickers and Nick Jonas looks. Eccentric, happy-sounding songs such as “Away FRM U” and “OoOoOo” held the audience’s attention.


Next up was Long Island-bred indie-pop quintet Twin Sister. Vocalist Andrea Estella’s voice is like a breathy whisper while the rest of the band sounds rhythmic and folksy. Their music ends up sounding eerily cute and ethereal.


The Morning Benders emerged from the shadows of the stage just as the first few notes of “Wet Cement” began to play. The crowd went wild. During their hour-long set, the band played almost all of their newest album Big Echo. Their first few songs easily reeled in the audience, and their well-loved indie rock kept the crowd hooked for the duration of the set. Lead singer Chris Chu ventured into the crowd for a minute before members of Oberhofer and Twin Sister came back onstage for a grand finale.

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1) “Wet Cement”

2) “Cold War (Nice Clean Fight)”

3) “Mason Jar”

4) “Boarded Doors”

5) “Promises”

6) “Hand Me Downs”

7) “Dreams” (Fleetwood Mac)

8) “Pleasure Sighs”

9) “Stitches”

10) “Waiting for a War”

11) “All Day Day Light”

12) “Excuses”

Encore: 13) “Virgins”