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So I lent my I.D. to my roommate Sunday night so he could rent a movie with my Blockbuster card… point being, by the time I braved the bone-chilling gale-force winds all the way down to the Cat, I realized there would be no warming shot of Jamison to reward my intrepid efforts. The upside was looking like an eighteen year-old with giant permanent marker exes on my hands, okay, so forgetting my I.D. was lose-lose.
cassettes_cat-83 cassettes_cat-84

However, upon arriving I joined The Cassettes while they ate a dinner of sorts, crunchy cheese-wiz nachos mostly, and we chatted about their upcoming projects. Shelby showed me a green gummy man he’d picked up somewhere along their trip up to New York the night before and the mood was lively, if decidedly sober. I should say, Stephen made an ambitious effort to get Arthur to clean a hummus container with his tongue, but Arthur’s reluctance prevailed.

The show itself was non-stop raucous vaudevillian steam-punk entertainment, replete with feedback from guitars and Theremin sounds from Arthur
(think Star Trek). Saadat told jokes about jungle men, and at one point, synchronized clapping friends joined in on-stage. Besides the thrilling sounds though, as a photographer I would be amiss not to mention the spectacular projection job by Nick Kraly, the self-described projectionist and “techcromancer.” Given the minimal light at the Cat backstage, this was of great service to my pictures… enjoy!
cassettes_cat-87 cassettes_cat-81 cassettes_cat-34 cassettes_cat-63 cassettes_cat-48 cassettes_cat-8
cassettes_cat-36 cassettes_cat-59 cassettes_cat-41 cassettes_cat-30 cassettes_cat-42 cassettes_cat-72 cassettes_cat-3 cassettes_cat-79 cassettes_cat-78 cassettes_cat-73 cassettes_cat-78 cassettes_cat-14 cassettes_cat-31 cassettes_cat-18