Photos + Words By Andy DelGiudice

Psychedelic grunge rock: a ticket fit for a Valentine. At least that was my gamble on Friday night. Luckily my girlfriend loved every minute of the oddball trio offered up by the Black Cat. I found the Golden Animals live show to be considerably more engaging than their studio work. The pummeling wall of guitar feedback and searing vocals offered up by the lead singer cut right through you in a raw, visceral assault. It’s kind of like seeing The Stooges but without Iggy’s blood spewing everywhere.


The resurgence of psychedelic lyricist and underground hero Roky Erickson is tied in large part to the support of the Black Angels, who backed him over recent years as he ventured back onto the road and in the public eye. This tour features him with the Hounds of Baskerville as his backing musicians and while the set had its highlights, it mostly seemed like an exercise in hearing The Hounds lead guitarist endlessly solo throughout and over the batch of Roky classics offered as the set list.


The Black Angels packed more stuff onto the Black Cat’s stage than what was previously thought possible. Giant white walls, reflectors, platforms, strobe lights, blinky lights, lasers and a myriad of instruments mashed together to create a full sensory live psychedelic experience. The cutting rifts and throbbing beats would arrest the brain while ones eyes tried to figure out what the hell was happening under all of the lighting trickery and visual effects of their stage show. A highly effective and full bodied audio visual escape mechanism.








Golden Animals