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By Tim Snyder

The Bad Friends Records 2 year Anniversary show started off with the soothing sounds of Raw Feels. (In case you missed our interview with the Fredericksburg band, here’s our interview with the Fredericksburg band.) The stage was set with soft red lighting and heavy use of a fog machine, a common thing with the four-piece. It was a perfect atmosphere for the first song “I Feel Fine” which gave the crowd an intense need to sway. If there’s a Raw Feels tune to raise your lighter, this is it.

The Drunken Sufis brought their extreme, angular punk rock tunes about the end of the world to the middle of the bill. The short songs, including one about about their Governor, Chris Christie, had a blend of quick vocals and epic keyboard sounds.

Tereu Tereu, also originating in Fredericksburg, VA, currently based in DC, closed the evening. Playing music from their September 2013 album, “Quadrants,” they demonstrated the perfect showcase of what Bad Friends Records has to offer. Their smooth style of noisy, prog-pop wrapped up the show nicely.

Tereu Tereu


Drunken Surfis


Raw Feels


Backstage with Raw Feels