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Tegan and Sara played a sold out show at Lisner this Saturday. Ben slept through it, but thankfully Joel was there to take photos and Lissy Rosemont of Junior League came to our rescue and wrote the show up. With some bonuses to boot

White Stripes cover Tegan and Sara’s “Walking with a Ghost”, Tegan and Sara cover Rihanna’s “Umbrella”, perhaps Rihanna will cover Junior League’s “Charm”…wait, what?

Sisters Tegan and Sara Quin are busy gals. From recording with Death Cab for Cutie’s producer, Chris Walla, drummer, Jason McGerr, and assistant producer, Will Markwell, just this time last year, to finishing up their final month of touring for their newest release “The Con” and rocking out in our very own downtown Washington of DC just this past Saturday evening.

Tegan and Sara  IMG_9261.jpg Tegan and Sara  IMG_9224.jpg Tegan and Sara  IMG_9166.jpg

Switching back and forth between a variety of acoustic and electric guitars the Quin women held down the rhythm guitar section to their incredibly catchy catalog of pop rock tunes while crooning Sara’s lyrical equations to their adoring, and I mean ADORING, fans. Lisner Auditorium was transformed from a stuffy GW concert hall to a rock gallery with fans rushing the stage as soon as the house lights dropped– both terrifying and exciting friends. A freshman fan to Tegan and Sara, my introduction to the duo has been The Con, so I was expecting the same power pop rock performance heard on the record, full of crash symbols and special effects… dropping bombs and clanging metal. This did not happen. In response to their passionate fans, the duo asked that the houselights be brought up so they could see the crowd, and then preceded to play a solid rock, steady folk set of new and old favorites, accented by their charming banter in between songs.

Tegan and Sara  IMG_9107.jpg Tegan and Sara  IMG_9118.jpg Tegan and Sara  IMG_9189.jpg

Also impressive, other than the songwriting and the multitasking of hopping back and forth from piano to guitar, etc., is how effortlessly both sisters held down the lead vocal platform when given their turn and seamlessly transitioned to back the other one up with tight harmonies as the setlist unfolded. This band has been on the road since the record release this past July, but still seemed to be in good spirits, focused on their performance, yet lighthearted and silly enough with each other and the band to enjoy the hoards of Washingtonians in attendance on 21st and I St NW this past Saturday eve. The sound at Lisner was mixed well, so well in fact that you could hear hints of their odd Canadian accents and occasional cuss words as Tegan told tall tales of downtown Washington DC adventures that included pay restrooms and crack heads- nice DC. Making us proud. If you haven’t fallen for this pop rock duo yet, the Con, might be the straw that breaks your little heart. Both Sara and Tegan took turns delivering the sultry lows and punk rock highs from this summer release, strutting their songbird stuff and effectively bringing to our nation’s capitol what might be one of the best pop rock records of 2007.

Tegan and Sara  IMG_9069.jpg Tegan and Sara  IMG_9150.jpg Tegan and Sara  IMG_9155.jpg Tegan and Sara  IMG_9136.jpg

Top 6 songs to put on your “Best of 2007” mix tape from The Con:
Hop a Plane, the Con, Burn Your Life Down, Nineteen, Call it Off, Back in Your Head

For kicks:
~Canadian artist EE Storey filmed a fine DVD documenting the production of this new record in Portland as well as designed all the artwork to present this new wave of Tegan and Sara.
~Tegan can also be heard on duet “Born on the FM Waves” with punk rockers “Against Me” new album “New Wave,” released in 2007.
~ Trailer Talk Tour Videos on “www.youtube.com/teganandsaramusic”

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