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Words By Alana Wise, Photos By Joseph Schaefer

The Raff known as Riff ripped the stage at the Fillmore in a performance that only he could deliver.


The concert was full of the typical strangeness we’ve come to expect from our favorite reality TV star turned rapper (sorry Hogan clan). There were old-school cartoons playing on the megascreens, pictures of Katy Perry (yeah, so that’s a thing now) and all the bros in backwards-turned hats and tanks that any sane person could ever wish for.

The packed crowd consisted almost entirely of super-dedicated Riff Raff fans. Every word of “Jose Canseco,” “Dolce & Gabbana” and “Cuz My Gear” was met with the unfaltering scream-alongs of his adoring college-age fans.

While I don’t think anybody is up to debate the merit of Riff Raff’s rap skills, I don’t think there is even a debate to be made about his ability to give the people what they want. Capitalizing on his behemoth-esque Internet presence, Riff Raff spoke exactly to what the people– his people– demanded. Everybody in that crowd paid their (parent’s, probably) hard-earned money for a party with the most happily-sleazy guy around. And that’s exactly what he delivered.


His nasally and oft-wavering vocals may not have been accepted by a more tone-discerning audience, but that didn’t matter. What mattered was kicking it on stage for a couple hours, taking pictures with some fans and promoting his album, which 90% of the crowd will probably purchase from iTunes on the first day.

Riff Raff put on a Riff Raff show, and that’s all we ever wanted.