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Tools for considering yourself “The Love King” include: a portable gold throne with red velvet-like cushioning, the ability to catch panties flung from the arms of sexy admiration, a pelvicde thrust that could turn a woman’s oxygen into an orgasm from a distance, and a display of magical passion that turns every piece of land you touch into “A Place Called Love Land.” Raheem DeVaughn’s “The Love Land Tour” DC stop put these tools to work turning the Howard Theatre into his musical kingdom.

It was more than just a concert. It was a joyous engagement of loyal Raheem DeVaughn fans who celebrate him as a hometown R&B hero. Vocally he is just “OK.” He is not the one you would call to sing “The Star-Spangled Banner” or lead the gospel choir (unless the church just wanted a famous person). However, he has a sultry, honeyed tone that is addictive and enjoyable.

His set included a range of songs from his first album to the fourth. The most powerful purposeful moment of the night was a moment of silence for Trayvon Martin then transitioned into “Bullet Proof.” The song added a level of seriousness to the atmosphere. Interviews with fans revealed that the most favored parts of the show were the intro (ego-hyped throne entrance), panty throwing and the outro (humble thank you serenade). The songs fans favored most were “You” (from first album, The Love Experience) and “Ridiculous” (from fourth album, A Place Called Love Land). Fans were asked two questions what was your favorite part of the show? and what was your favorite song performed? #twoquestionreview


The gold trim on the chair reflected the spotlight perfectly as Raheem DeVaughn sat on his throne on stage. Fans consider this one of their most favorite moments of the night!

I loved how the show opened and yes “Pink Crush Velvet” and “Ridiculous.” -faceslovejoy1113 on Instagram

Gosh every moment was a favorite but i would say raheem catching the panties from the crowd and walking into the audience. Ridiculous into desire was my favorite. I just love his voice. I saw him last week in bmore and last night. If i can get out of work i would go to ny tonight. Raheem neverlets me down grade A performance every time. -echerrie_ctb on Instagram


That moment where Raheem DeVaughn addresses the crowd with a simple smile and raise of his arms. It’s that “the king is here” moment where the ladies go crazy in screams and the men give the “right on” type head nod.

I had a few favorite parts of the show but if I had to narrow it down it would be…Raheem singing “You” while he simultaneously did pelvic air thrusts. I also enjoyed the part of the  show when Raheem brought out local rapper Anwan Glover. Lastly, but most importantly the Trayvon Martin moment of silence while transitioning into “Bullet Proof.” Favorite song is also hard to narrow down, but I woke up singing “Ridiculous” so I guess that’s it. -chicsbedroomboutique on Instagram.


The night has just begun. The first few notes have just been sung. The crowd just wants him to keep singing. He knows he will, they know he will, but each time an artist hits a stage there’s a fire that reignites amongst them and their fans. This was the ramp up to the Love King’s reign of passion for the night.

Since I have to choose one moment…the opening. The entire venue was so eager to see him. As soon as he hit the stage, the excitement levels hit 1 million!! It was great. I’ve seen him perform many times, and no two shows are ever the same.
Favorite song performed? *holds finger to chin* Again, LOL, so difficult to answer. Of course, my favorites are his classics. First, second and third albums are great (I don’t know all the music yet on his latest, but I will. Trust.). Ok… It had to be, because the audience response was so dope, not sure if this is the title, please fix it for me if it’s not, ‘I Dont Care’. Chile! Everything to me. 
Raheem puts on great shows. He knows what the people want and gives it to them no holds barred. If anything, that’s what I enjoy most about him. He is for the people and it’s reflective of his art. -hajabee on Instagram


Ironically, he is wearing a UNDS (UN-deadstock). This usually refers to bringing out a pair of deadstock shoes and wear them. The height of his career was 2008 where he was nominated for 6 BET awards, and one Grammy. Now releasing his fourth album after a 3-year absence from mainstream music is an attempt at revitalizing his career…letting the world know he is UNDS!

My favorite moment was when Raheem got off stage and walked through the crowd. The love interaction he does with his fans. My favorite song performed is “Ridiculous.” That song gets me EVERY time! -darlingnikki84 on Instagram

Fave moment was his outro which was great because he got into the crowd and sang to his fans. My favorite song performed was “Desire” and “You.” -nea_applebum on Instagram


After a night of fun, crowd pleasing, panty dropping showmanship Raheem DeVaughn took time to have a conversation with his fans. He showed his appreciation for his success and showed a humble side of cool by reminiscing on selling mix-tapes.