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Friday night at the Black Cat the band Pissed Jeans performed their original music and also in the Red Room, former Nirvana drummer and current Foo Fighters frontman, rock and roll icon, and universally liked musician Dave Grohl was just hanging out.


The band played a full length show to a exhilarated crowd, and in the Red Room, near the jukebox was Dave Grohl, who was chatting with seemingly old friends, and also being super nice to anybody that came up to him to express their gratitude for decades of music and inspiration. He was totally cool about it and was such a gracious guy. A who’s who of DC punk was out that night and people were trying to be cool about the fact that a member of Nirvana was literally right over there.


Pissed Jeans are an exceptional band, and recently Dace Grohl put out a documentary about the mixing board they used to record the album Nevermind, and that other band have used to record similarly legendary albums.


There was not a person at the Pissed Jeans show that wasn’t blown away by the enduring catalog of Nirvana and Foo Fighters albums. Not to mention a lot of often hilarious videos like the one for “Big Me,” an early hit that spoofs the Mentos commercials of the 90s.


There are two certain take-aways from the Pissed Jeans show, a band that has been making huge waves in the punk scene, and those are that Pissed Jeans are great and that Dave Grohl is an amazing musician and also a really nice fucking guy that deserves every bit of his success.