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Photos By Andy DelGuidice, Words By Shelly Bell

If the DJ booth breaks down at a hip-hop concert insert beat-boxing and story time with Camp Lo to keep the party moving. Due to a few hiccups with sound The Howard Theatre got a dose of this duo’s quirky cool personality on and off the mic.

CampLo 4

CampLo 6

A fan finds these boots made for Instagram! Camp Lo is known for having an eccentric ’70s style inclusive of smooth colors and slick hats. They’re fashionably stuck somewhere between a pimp and a deacon.

CampLo 7


Pete Rock & CL Smooth

Pete Rock CL Smooth 1

Grap Luva, a ’90s hip-hop producer and Pete Rock’s older brother, is always along for the ride. You can never get enough of him break-dancing, being the hype man and as a genuine spirit of legendary hip-hop music.

Pete Rock CL Smooth 4CampLo 3

CL Smooth’s facial expressions are usually gritty, serious or blank. Seeing him smile was like that moment in The Addams Family movie when Wednesday cracked a smile. It was refreshing and gritty at the same time. More of a deep voice laugh than just a smile – a manly sign of fun times!

Pete Rock and CL Smooth performing  “They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.)” is always one of the most favorable moments of seeing them rock together on stage. It takes you back to a time when you focused on remembering lyrics because they were crafty, slick and had the ability to rock without a beat if necessary. The Pete Rock and CL Smooth reunion tour is your chance to party like it’s 1992.

Pete Rock CL Smooth 6Pete Rock CL Smooth 9

“Pete Rock and CL Smooth threw it down. Highlights included a mid-set DJ/mix session by Pete Rock. It was like he was DJing a house party and we were all randomly invited. The crowd was great too. Incredibly knowledgeable about hip-hop and underground in general, and everyone had a grand old time. “ –Andy DelGuidice

Pete Rock CL Smooth 14Pete Rock CL Smooth 16

Pete Rock CL Smooth 18

Pete Rock CL Smooth 17