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Photos By Armando Gallardo, Words By Brandon Wetherbee

The quality of a band’s live performance shouldn’t weigh heavily on your overall opinion of the band. If you see a bad show, it’s just a bad show. You can still enjoy their recorded material. You should be able to enjoy their recorded material. I want to be one of those people that can still enjoy their recorded material.

I’ve been talking about this band since I heard their newest album. I’ve been playing this album for friends since I heard their newest album. I am not friends with the Edinburgh three piece. I didn’t know they were an Edinburgh three-piece until this week. Thank god, they’re good.

PAWS has the potential to be college aged kids Frightened Rabbit. They sing songs about heartbreak without every sounding whiny. If you just read the lyrics (only a good idea if it’s someone like Nick Cave and there are very few songwriters like Nick Cave), it can come off whiny. When played on record and live, it’s not whiny. It’s passionate. They’re a passionate band. Passionate is a horrible word to describe a band.


The record I keep playing, Youth Culture Forever, is not a loud record. It’s a moderate record. The band doesn’t overreach and attempt to overpower the listener. It’s a quality, garage inspired rock record. I thought the live show would be moderately loud, quiet compared to most shows at DC9. It was not.

Drummer Ryan Drever was winded after most songs. This is not an insult. The guy was winded because he cares. It’s difficult to care when you’re on your third American tour supporting the same record, playing between two bands to a modest crowd. He cares.


Bassist Ryan Drever plays power chords, not notes. He thrashes his instrument like he wants to be in The Replacements or Against Me!


The three members are clearly childhood friends. I will not look this up because I want to keep the illusion. That last sentence is a lie. I looked it up. The drummer and guitarist are. Damn.

It this was the emo that was popular when I was in high school, I’d like emo.